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There is so much happiness!

The new podcast is out today,
and there is going to be another one next week.

The new podcast is out today, and it's free!

Go there now and you can also get the video for Tubthumping

and the video for Can't Keep Johnny Down.

They Might Be Giants are working on Album 16
and want you to join the Instant Fan Club

Take me to these Instant Fan Club people

There are two levels of membership.
If you go fancy with the Super-Presidents you get
an insane set of super-special stuff
including a commemorative coin of
FDR designed by Paul Sahre.

See the infomercial here:

There is a custom-designed "Certificate of Thank You" poster
with photography by John Linnell

And there's a lot more--you should go here to find out everything.

All 2012 Instant Fan Club members,
including Super-Presidents,
will get to enjoy the following offerings:

A download of TMBG's next album
on the first day of release!

Three new vinyl Instant Fan Club EPs
including a very special EP for kids!

Exclusive video podcasts from the Avatars of They

A live, multi-camera video stream to a special TMBG holiday show

An exclusive 2012 IFC t-shirt new and in blue!

Your name entered into a lottery for 1 of 5
hand-painted "cat" ukuleles painted by John F.

A blue canary night-light

And a LOT more, including surprises.
For a full description and how to order click here.

And like last year, it's free shipping and handling for all US orders.

Total IFC memberships are limited to 2500
plus returning members from the 2011 IFC.
Deadline is April 26th or until the membership rolls are full.