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Yes it's easy, instant, personalized and just in time for Valentine's Day

give the gift of TMBG music to a loved one in MP3 or FLAC!

The perfect Valentine's Gift for Your Friends!

We have a brand new page on our website that allows you
to give the gift of They Might Be Giants music direct to a friend or loved one
to their email address via our secured site.

Your friend will receive either MP3s or the high fidelity FLAC format along
with a message like this--"Congratulations! Your awesome friend YOUR
NAME HERE has given you the gift of an album by They Might Be Giants,
Brooklyn's Ambassadors of Love."

Go now to this page and see all the descriptions.

All downloads come directly from our artist owned and operated site.
The first five offerings are Join Us, The Spine Surfs Alone, TMBG's children's
album No!, our new rarities album Album Raises New and Troubling Questions and....

Yes--They Might Be Giants' "lost" album, Mink Car is BACK in print! While
the album was largely overlooked due to the almost instant collapse of
Restless Records after the events of 9/11, over the years TMBG fans
and record collectors have come to recognize the ultra-vivid powers of
this fine effort. Recorded in New York City and London this album includes
the first collaborations with Langer/Winstanley since the Flood session
(Bangs, Cyclops Rock, My Man). The album also includes notable productions
with Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne (Man, It's So Loud in Here,
Yeh Yeh, Another First Kiss).

It is also available as a direct download at iTunes here:

and Jonathan Coulton is opening!

2/14 Charlotte NC McGlohan Theater
2/15 Raleigh NC Lincoln Theatre SOLD OUT
2/16 Charlottesville VA Jefferson Theatre
2/17 Baltimore MD Ram's Head Live w/ CORN MO
3/8 Northampton MA Calvin Theater
3/9 Providence RI Lupo's

3/10 New York NY Terminal 5