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They Might Be Giants' Holiday sale is going full blast at
with bundles on sale for 35% off! Remember, bundles can be assembled in a wild 
variety of ways, allowing you to get your family and friends gifts AND get a little 
something nice for yourself on the side!
To guarantee Christmas delivery via highly affordable USPS, orders should be in by Dec. 16. 
Fancy fast shipping orders can be made until Dec. 21.
Greetings from They Might Be Giants! Hope everyone is healthy and happy and geared up for 
the holidays. Things are buzzing in TMBGland with the 2011 GRAMMY nomination for 
HERE COMES SCIENCE for Best Children's Album. Fingers fully crossed!
Happy to announce that we are already having our best merchandise year in history! 
Of course our massive 35% off bundle sale has had a lot to do with it, but there are some special 
items now available online that could be part of your order that we want to show you.
The quality and scope of They Might Be Giants' rarity compilations has become legendary. We'd 
like to recommend CAST YOUR POD TO THE WIND, the best of TMBG's famous podcast 
including We Live in A Dump, Brain Problem Situation and I'm Your Boyfriend Now, is available 
as a download. Also available for download and on CD is THEY GOT LOST, They MIght Be Giants'
original rarities album with Words Are Like and Rest Awhile.
And the rarest piece of all, the CD/DVD set of 2004's VENUE SONGS. Narrated by John Hodgman 
(from the Daily Show, Bored to Death and world famous as the PC guy), the set includes Asbury Park, 
Anahiem, St. Louis and all the Venue Songs on CD and a delightful program of videos AND 
bonus videos including Damn Good Times and Strong Bad from Homestar Runner's directorial 
debut with Experimental Film. This is really a huge piece of TMBG history that all should own.
And it wouldn't be a pledge drive without a tote bag. Yes, it's as handsome in real life as it looks right here...
We have brand new t-shirts--like this one with giant ants eating telephones...
...and our brand new beautiful Road Crew Track Jacket (just like the one that TMBG's
sprinting road crew wears) The ants and phones are on the back!
And we have a nice selection of dignified winter hats to keep you warm in high style.
For the perfect gift for a child in your life, especially the child that already has 
HERE COMES SCIENCE, we'd like to recommend BED, BED, BED. The book 
includes a FOUR SONG CD and is beautifully illustrated by Mr. Marcel
Dzama all the way from Canada!
For all the t-shirt lovers out there, among many designs we have this 
retro-styled Science is Real t-shirt. This design, like a number of shirts, 
is actually being DISCONTINUED so if you covet it now you should 
ACT because nothing lasts forever...
...except They Might Be Giants. See you all LIVE in 2011.
To guarantee Christmas delivery of TMBG merch via highly affordable 
USPS, orders should be in by Dec. 16. Fancy fast shipping orders can 
be made until Dec. 21. Bundles are on sale for 35% off regular retail 
prices and can be assembled in a wild variety of ways. GO!