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       A message from John F.

Greetings everyone! They Might Be Giants are performing a free concert this Saturday, October 2nd at 6pm sharp in Washington DC. We are performing at the beautiful Kennedy Center Grand Foyer. The capacity is 4000 so we want to encourage you to tell your friends, post it on Facebook or blog about it, because we've got a lot of room for the audience!
It is a special kind of concert as well. All ages are welcome, we will be playing from our entire repertoire, and we won't be swearing at all. Given the posh venue, the volume probably won't be rock crazy, but it will be a standing room situation. If you have very young kids we would encourage you to hang back from the dancing crowd.
Here is the link to the Kennedy Center that will give you all the info you need:

I also wanted to tell everyone that I am tippy-toeing backwards into the online world of over-sharing. Yes, there is a TMBG twitter account at Join me there. What is it really good for? Who knows.
The office also wanted to remind you that there are a number of things at you might be interested in. We have a new merch company that people seem very happy with and the TMBG Clock Radio audio streamer has been super-sized for days of new musical interest--and that is totally FREE.
Thanks--hope to see y'all soon!