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Yes, it's true. TMBG is very proud to announce that their latest children's project,
Here Come The 123s, has WON THE 2009 GRAMMY AWARD for Best Musical Album for Children! The band would like to gratefully acknowledge
the ENTIRE creative team of people in the project who helped create Here Come the 123s: Dan, Danny and Marty,
producer Pat Dillett and the Kampo crew, and the Dust Bros. for Seven.
Thanks to The Deeply Felt Puppet Theater, Julia Greenberg who sang without a credit,
Melissa Jun who put the cover together, and all the other visual artists and animators behind the DVD.
Praise to The Hornblow Group and Disney Sound, and of course the Mighty Wives and families of TMBG. Amazon finally has Here Come the 123s CD/DVD deluxe edition BACK IN STOCK.
The perfect gift, and now even classier with a 2009 Grammy.
iTunes Deluxe Edition Tune in to Conan O'Brien this Thursday night for a historic final appearance from TMBG,
as Conan packs his bags for LA and the brighter lights of the Tonight Show.
TMBG have appeared on Conan more than ANY OTHER ROCK BAND. Ponder that, you much more successful bands!
A special encore performance of The Flood Show in New York City
Saturday February 28 at Le Poisson Rouge TMBG will perform their platinum album Flood in it's entirety,
as well as a dynamic warm up set of songs they barely know how to play.
They will be joined on stage by the highly excellent Tricerachops Horns featuring Dan "The Machine" Levine on trombone,
Curt Ramm on trumpet, and Stan "The Optimist" Harrison on saxophone and clarinet.
TMBG are also happy to welcome back their good friends all the way from Belfast, Northern Ireland:
the always great and never late Oppenheimer!
Call to purchase over the phone, or order online here.
Tickets are available here now, and possibly not later... See the brand new video for "Employee of the Month" right here...