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Upcoming shows in Elmer NJ, Charlotte, NC, and Milwaukee WI!
Tour details at the bottom of this email...

"Hi everyone. John F. of TMBG here.
We have a brand new song out on iTunes! It's our reinterpretation of "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" called "The Ballad of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space)." It's part of a Disney compilation album but you can buy the individual track on iTunes. We would like to sincerely invite everyone to lay down the buck and vote for TMBG! Makes us look good with the Mouse! Freedom isn't free, people! (your purchase means more than you might think)

Here's the ponderously long link to TMBG's new song Davy Crockett (In Outer Space) on iTunes:

Speaking of iTunes, Podcast 35A is out and chockablock with rarities new and old, including both the amazing Kimya Dawson's version of "Bed, Bed, Bed" plus the alternate in demo form, the demo for "Subliminal" and a very lo-fi Dial-A-Song recording called "Rock Club."

Get it for free on a medium rez mp3 stereo!

This picture is from our recent trip to Kansas City. JF and Marty met up with our pal Speed Levitch in his ancestral home (Speed is the subject of the documentary "The Cruise" which is well worth watching). We went to the World War I Museum, where we got to see an enormous fragment of the Pantheon de la Guerre - a historical painting commissioned by the French government during the war that was in it's time the largest oil painting ever made. Evidently the painting filled the interior walls of a circular building roughly the size of a football stadium.

(Residents of Baltimore might remember seeing a portion of the same painting at the legendary Haussner's Restaurant, upstairs from the world's largest, and possibly dirtiest, ball of string.)

On an unrelated note, Dan Miller informs me the TED conference footage is actually entertaining. My memories are marred by the impossibly misguided early morning show time and some ridiculous technical problems, but I trust Dan when he recommends something, so I'll point y'all to it. The elegantly short link to TED's stream of TMBG's morning trio show:

But I digress--Check in with the podcast, and we'll see you on the road!"
John F.

Also in the series of tubes:

Finally actually available in a non-brick-and-mortar setting!
Here Come the 123s VIDEOS are now out in hi-rez at iTunes!

Turns any car trip with a kid into a TMBG-flavored video adventure.

John and John take over Y-Rock Radio-spin their band's and crew's personal favorites.
Hear the surprising stream right here!

John F. suggests gifts for Dad on Father's Day at the amazing Etsy site.

Etsy is a web site that promotes artists' and crafts people's homemade work. It's really a worthwhile endeavor.
See JF's recommendations. They compliment any pocket book -- with gifts from a dollar and a half to fifteen grand.


Saturday, June 7 Appel Farm Arts & Music Center
on stage 5:15pm sharp. All ages

Saturday, June 14 Visulite
Strictly 18+

Thursday, June 26 Summerfest
for more info visit: