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Saturday's Kids show is SOLD OUT!!

It's true - the afternoon show in Nyack this Saturday is indeed sold out.
There are still some tickets available for the rock show that night, however, so get 'em while they're hot!!

November 18 Nyack, NY at Riverspace Arts in Nyack

[formerly the Helen Hayes Theatre]
9:00 pm - full rockin' show for adults [16+]
Tickets at

And remember, the shows are benefits for a great non-profit organization called Generation Schools.

Generation Schools is piloting a new urban public school model where skilled teachers teach a handful of students, not a roomful -- without increasing costs. The schools will offer unparalleled opportunities for students and comprehensive residencies for new urban teachers. The "break-the-mold" concept was honored in a prestigious global competition as one of the world's best emerging social innovations.

Generation Schools is opening its first school in the fall of 2007. Their remarkable new school model actually reinvents -- not just reforms -- the possibilities of America's public schools. We all know it takes much more than test scores for a child to prepare for life. Kids shouldn't have to choose between academics and art. With the Generation Schools model they won't have to. Informed by research from many fields and expertise from varied constituents, it is strategically designed to be academically rigorous, physically and creatively demanding, and socially and emotionally supportive for every child enrolled.

For more about Generation Schools go to

(ps - we've just been told that both Brooklyn shows next month are nearly sold out, too... wow! You guys are really helping make these shows a huge success. Thanks from us, and from the folks at Generation Schools)