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Featuring We Live In A Dump, I'm A Little Airplane, Free To Be You & Me, I Never Go To Work with Mark 'Loveman' Pender, and E Eats Everything - the Elegant Too remix.

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"Hello from Los Angeles. Began working with the Dust Bros. on a bunch of new tracks. Long days and nights spent completely indoors, but the tracks are sounding pretty deluxe so it's worth it. Staying in Hollywood. Didn't spot any movie stars in our few hours outside but did see more men with dyed black hair and bad plastic surgery in one morning of walking around Hollywood Blvd. than in a year in NYC. Spilled two enormous cups of coffee onto the floor of our rental car doing a pretty solid imitation of Woody Allen in Los Angeles in Annie Hall.

The new podcast features a brand new song called We Live In A Dump that is also currently playing on the unexpectedly resurrected Dial-A-Song. We recently scored a Record-A-Call 695 phone machine (circa 1980 somethin' and very similar to the original machines) from a friend of the band who pointed out its availability on Ebay- so a big thanks to them for the tip! Guess more often than not, these machines just get tossed these days, as they often get less than $10 at yard sales and ebay. The new machine itself is "dead mint" as the collectors say, so hopefully it will work for a long time. It does some of the odd things the sturdiest of the original one did - it runs slightly fast which make our voices sound chipmunky, and the playback heads jump momentarily on long notes thinking it might be the "message-over beep" so some songs sound a little nutso. But other than that, it's great! We should have some more songs in rotation upon our return to the East.

We'll start rehearsing for the new show in the middle of the month. Same great band, no aftertaste. Marty will have a cool new custom TMBG drum head, and I'm going to try to play some acoustic guitar on some songs, but that is just an experiment. Along with a half-dozen new songs from the next album and a couple from the podcasts, we will be resurrecting a lot of very old songs: Everything Right Is Wrong Again, Rhythm Section Want Ad and Number Three from the first album, along with Purple Toupee from Lincoln, and some other stuff I can't remember right now. It will be different, we guarantee it.

Rock on everybody!"


Here are the latest confirmed tour dates:

April 26 Washington, DC at 930 Club
tickets at

April 27 Baltimore, MD at Sonar
tickets at

April 28 Asheville, NC at Orange Peel
tickets at

April 29 Charleston, SC at Music Farm
tickets at

May 01 Ft. Lauderdale, FL at Revolution
tickets at

May 02 St. Petersburg, FL at Jannus Landing
tickets at

May 03 Atlanta, GA at Variety Playhouse
tickets at

May 04 Savannah, GA at Trustees Theater
tickets available from Trustee's Theater Box Office

May 05 Nashville, TN at City Hall

May 06 St. Louis, MO at The Pagent
tickets at

May 09 Columbus, OH at Newport Music Hall

May 10 Pittsburgh, PA at Mr. Smalls Theater

May 11 Knoxville, TN at Sundown in the City - FREE SHOW!

May 12 Philadelphia, PA at Theatre Of Living Arts

July 01 Uncasville, CT at Mohegan Sun

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