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Available at <> <> right now:

Brand new free MP3: Turtle Songs of North America!
Brand new free streaming video: Anaheim!

We want to remind everyone-if you have forgotten the password sign up again-all duplicate names are automatically deleted by our genius robot email program.

From Flansburgh:

"Greetings everybody! Things are going wonderfully here in TMBGland. Lots of new free stuff on this week. I hope you'll get a chance to check out the new installment of Venue Songs. This week is Anaheim. I directed it myself and got some help from Ashley at Chopping Block. It stars Chris Anderson of Muckafurgeson as the degenerate good-time Charlie. We just putting the finishing touches on our very first podcast, and that should be coming later this week so stay tuned!

We have been getting many inquires about the Deranged Millionaire on the Venue Songs DVD. His part is played by former literary agent John Hodgman, who runs a fantastic live series or events in NYC (none dare cal it a literary salon) called the Little Grey Book lectures. He also has a fantastic, mind-bending new book out called "Area of My Expertise" which is available at both friendly and unfriendly book shops."

The New Years Eve show is sold out
but the second, early evening show still has a few remaining tickets. We will be performing Venue Songs at that early show (which is 18+), so click here to see the show


Our warehouse is buzzing with Venue Songs DVD/CD set orders and special Holiday bundle orders (and we say Holiday because it freaks out Bill O'Reilly) There is still plenty of time to get you orders in for Xmas!

Remember the children in you life are waiting for your guidance-No!, Bed, Bed, Bed
and Here Come the ABCs are kid-tested and parent approved entertainments!