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Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

There's a brand new Venue Song video posted for week 3- Los Angeles by Divya Srinivasan. It tells the rock fable of the lads and the blokes, an instant classic for all to enjoy for free at this new incredible streaming site:

A quick correction about last week's video - the animation was designed by Kim Dietch. For more info about, or to see more fine artwork by this fine artist, go here:

Operator Dot and T-Shirt Tom want to remind you that they still have time to stuff your very special holiday package... between Sims breaks. Check out these deals here:

If you just want the Venue Songs, check that out here:


East coasters, get your New Year's Eve in Brooklyn tickets right now, or you may miss your chance!

The early one is for the young revelers (18 and up) the later show is for the big tippers (21 and up).

7pm show

11pm show