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TMBG Venue Songs #2 streaming video at debuts today[edit]

Hear John Flansburgh survey 1969 with Bill Kates
Thursday (Thanksgiving) night, 8PM EST on XM 76, Fine Tuning

Tickets almost gone for NYE. See below...

Venue Songs DVD & CD set goes up to $20 come the New Year.
Get yours now here:

The needs of unfamiliar children in your life confusing you?
Think TMBG bundles this holiday season. Go here:

Greetings from Flansburgh of the TMBGers.

As we are busy at work writing and recording our 12th album (and yes, this one is for adults) along with various other long-term projects (more on that stuff soon), we are happy to pry ourselves away from our brushed aluminum work cages to make a few announcements regarding some more immediate TMBG-related stuff.

Today we unveil the SECOND free video from Venue Songs on Last week we introduced the Deranged Millionaire, along with the "Dallas" video. That mindbending clip was created by Asterisk, who were animating the artwork of underground cartoon legend Kaz. This week's clip for "Albany" (home of the concrete performance orb, The Egg) was created by the talented David Ahuja from Amoeba Labs. David did the spectacular video for "Letter Shapes" off the Here Come the ABCs DVD and also directed all the interstitial stuff and the package for Venue Songs.

We will be debuting a new video every week for the next couple of months, and we invite you to tell your friends about the Venue Songs event unless you want to keep the whole thing a secret. If you really want to be in the know, feel free to pick up a copy of the Venue Songs DVD and CD set. It is only available from Idlewild and through our secured ecommerce site, and there is plenty of time left to give it as a gift for the holidays.

We also want to congratulate John Hodgman, author of Areas Of My Expertise (and narrator of TMBG Venue Songs DVD) on his stellar appearance on the Daily Show this week. (If only he had told us he was going to be on!) Evidently he cracked up Jon Stewart, which is a career achievement in itself.

Be sure to check out the "bonus" - it's a clip of the original (spontaneously written) "Taste The Fame" from the late great television series Home Movies.

Although it is over a month away, both New Year's shows are less than one hundred tickets shy of selling out, only through this mailing list. If you were still wavering on coming in to NYC for those shows, we have to warn you the window on that possibility is quickly closing.
The early one is for the young revelers (18 and up) the later show is for the big tippers (21 and up).

7pm show

11pm show

We are proudly unveiling three new t-shirt designs
the simple Drunk Guy shirt

the two-sided new President Carter shirt

as well as Welcome to Amish Country, the best seller from our recent Pacific Coast shows.

Hear John Hodgman reciting 700 hobo names
One could say you need to read Areas Of My Expertise to understand why John is reciting 700 hobo names, but that might not help.