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Seattle, Portland, Eugene, San Diego, and two completely different shows in San Francisco — one with Speed Levitch! Complete details and ticket links at the bottom of this email.


CD and DVD set is available now.
Shipping begins in early November.
Xmas delivery guaranteed.

As we speak, thousands upon thousands of copies of Venue Songs are being created at a robotic disc lab in New Jersey. The audio portion proved SO BIG and SO ROCKING that we had to go to a full-length CD (who knew dual-sided discs allowed far less audio material than regular CDs? Not us!)

"I might be interested. I've hardly done my holiday shopping. Tell me more!" you might say.


Well, the 35-minute DVD includes eleven, yes eleven, original video clips. TMBG enlisted a small but determined army of creative artists to make the visuals. The team includes Colourmovie, The Chopping Block, David Ahuja of Amoeba Labs, Divya Srinivasan and MORE. John and John are both directing clips as well.

The entire song cycle is tied together with an original travelogue narration read by former literary agent John Hodgman in the role of the Deranged Millionaire.

To understand more about the mind of John Hodgman, go to a Little Grey Book Club event in NYC or pick up a copy of his new book, The Areas of My Expertise

Bonus DVD material includes Homestar Runner's Experimental Film (with restored full-fidelity audio for the very first time!), an amazing short of Bastard Wants to Hit Me by LAIKA/house that has recently played at a number of animation festivals, Damn Good Time" and I'm All You Can Think About.



The Venue Songs CD includes over an hour of music - all for the first time on CD! All the new studio recordings of the Venue Songs are included in full CD fidelity. The disc also features the rarities Renew My Subscription, Love Is Eternity, Taste the Fame and The Bloodmobile and compiles all the original Venue Song recordings from the 2004 tour recorded by Brian Speiser and Dan Miller, and sweetened for sonic pleasure by Pat Dillett in his candy- coated sound chamber.

While this two-disc set might be commercially released at a later date, and much of the visual material will be shown on the new TMBG website in unsatisfying low-rez, low-fidelity form, we offer it now as the definitive collection of all this fine material in one deluxe two-disc set, in all its stereolicious and uncompressed glory.

Venue Songs Track Listing



  1. Greeting from the Deranged Millionaire
  2. "The experiment begins"
  3. Dallas
  4. "A concrete shrine"
  5. Albany
  6. "Paradoxically"
  7. Los Angeles
  8. "An oasis of hooch"
  9. Anaheim
  10. "The great walled city"
  11. Vancouver
  12. "Monongahela"
  13. Pittsburgh
  14. "You can't go home again"

15. Asheville
16. "and so"
17. Glasgow
18. "Returning to the U.S."
19. Charlottesville
20. "Skee-ball and saltwater taffy"
21. Asbury Park
22. "The tour nearly over"
23. Brooklyn
24. Goodbye from the Deranged Millionaire
25. Damn Good Times
26. Experimental Film
27. Bastard Wants to Hit Me
28. I'm All You Can Think About

The CD


1. Dallas
2. Albany
3. Los Angeles
4. Anaheim
5. Vancouver
6. Pittsburgh
7. Asheville
8. Glasgow
9. Charlottesville
10. Asbury Park
11. Brooklyn
12. Love Is Eternity
13. Renew My Subscription
14. Taste the Fame
15. Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
16. Bloodmobile
17. Omaha
18. Houston
19. Leeds
20. New Orleans
21. Columbia
22. Santa Cruz
23. Minneapolis

24. Tucson
25. San Francisco
26. Memphis
27. Charleston
28. Atlanta
29. Farmingdale
30. New Haven
31. London
32. Raleigh
33. Towson
34. St. Louis
35. Philadelphia
36. Austin
37. Dallas
38. Albany
39. Los Angeles
40. Anaheim
41. Vancouver
42. Pittsburgh
43. Glasgow
44. Charlottesville
45. Asbury Park
46. Brooklyn


Order now at this link:

Please note: These bundles will ship in early November. Your credit card will be charged at the time the order is processed

Super Venue Bundle
- Venue Songs dual DVD/CD
- Choice of any style shirt, any size
Just $30

Holiday Bundle
- Venue Songs dual DVD/CD
- User's Guide CD
- Holidayland CD
- The Spine Surfs Alone OR Working Undercover for the Man CD
- Choice of any style t-shirt, any size
plus first 1000 orders get an additional "historic" t-shirt, videotape or - yes - cassette!
All this for just $55

Turkey Dinner Bundle
- Venue Songs dual DVD/CD
- User's Guide CD
- Holidayland CD
- The Spine Surfs Alone OR Working Undercover for the Man CD
- Choice of TWO t-shirts any style, any size, and a TMBG sweatshirt
A whopping package for a practical $100

Kids R Us Bundle / "the perfect gift!"
- Choice of kid shirt
- Bed, Bed, Bed book and CD
- Here Come the ABCs DVD
- Here Come the ABCs CD
- Pencils
Just $50

Babies R Us Bundle / "the other perfect gift!"
- Choice of No! romper OR Puppet onesie
- Bed, Bed, Bed book and CD
- Here Come the ABCs DVD
- Here Come the ABCs CD
- Pencils
Just $50


Recall those carefree, pre-millenium celebrations of yore as TMBG return to New Year's in New York for the first time this century. Tickets are on sale NOW so you early planners can get plannin'!

TMBG will be performing two very different sets and will probably disagree on which one turned out better, but it's safe to say there will be live drinking ON STAGE at the actual New Year's moment. The first show is 18 & up (swearing is forbidden) and the special New Year's show is over 21 only (swearing is encouraged).

NOTE TO ALL: Everyone attending will get a free TMBG giant foam hand (but just one hand per face). These hands go for up to $500 on eBay so you won't want to miss out!

7pm show

11pm show


TMBG pal Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser has a brand new band called The Last Car. Their professional debut is at Joe's Pub on Saturday Nov. 5th. The Last Car is a three-person group where every member gets to play the drum no matter how good they are. Performing with Robin is Chris Anderson (formerly of Muckafurgason and a recurring thug-like character in TMBG's "Venue Songs"), and frequent TMBG opener Amy Miles. Also on the bill are the accordion-fueled geniuses Piñataland. Buying tickets at the box office is the smart way to go, and happens 1-6 every day at 425 Lafayette Street, between East 4th & Astor. Telecharge is more, but easier at 212-239-6200 or on the web at



November 3 & 4: San Francisco, CA at Bimbo's 365 Club

tickets at, and Bimbo's box office

November 5: Eugene, OR at Agate Hall [University of Oregon]

tickets at

November 6: Portland, OR at Crystal Ballroom

tickets at

November 7: Seattle, WA at Moore Theatre

tickets at

November 8: San Diego, CA at 4th & B

tickets at

December 31: Brooklyn, NY at NorthSix
TWO special New Year's Eve shows!
7 pm (ages 18+) tickets at
11 pm (ages 21+) tickets at

...and that's all the news. Good night!