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TMBG perform in Katrina benefit this Sunday
TMBG will be jumping up on stage for a short set with 8 other fine acts as part of a Katrina Benefit this Sunday, September 25th @ Southpaw in Park Slope in Brooklyn. You can do your part just by showing up for the good times. ALL proceeds will go to the American Red Cross, Second Harvest and Humanity First. Joining TMBG will be the pride of New Jersey, The Wrens, and our Barsuk Records pals Matthew and Ira from Nada Surf.
Go to for more details.
Tickets are a very reasonable $15 at

You are cordially invited to spend New Year's Eve with They Might Be Giants!
TMBG will be performing at NorthSix in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. TMBG are doing two shows, the early one being 18 and up, and the special New Year's show is over 21 only. Everyone attending both shows will be the proud recipient of a free TMBG giant foam hand. TMBG will also be playing the new Venue Songs DVD on somemakeshift jumbotron screen. Tickets are limited. Don't miss it!
7pm show
11pm show
TMBG ring back tones
We at TMBG's home office were recently made aware of this unusual "Ring Back" offer from Verizon where you can download recordings by They Might Be Giants to play for your friends calling you on your cell phone. How you actually do this or how much it costs we can't tell you, but we endorse "Bells Are Ringing" as appropriate for such a specific function, and "Ant" just for the effect it is sure to have on the audience of one.
Go to and search for They Might Be Giants.

The debut of The Last Car
We also want to bring your attention to Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser's new music group The Last Car who are having their professional debut at Joe's Pub on Saturday Nov. 5th. The Last Car is a three person vocal harmony group performing haunted songs on a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to, fireflies, car crashes and the vagaries of romance. Band members include, but are not limited to, Chris Anderson (formerly of Muckafurguson), Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser and Amy Miles. Also on the bill is the excellent band Pinataland. We strongly recommend buying tickets at the box office 1-6 every day at 425 Lafayette Street, between East 4th & Astor. Telecharge is at 212-239-6200 or on the web at

Coming next month - A brand new TMBG web site at If you haven't been there recently, check out the video for "Damn Good Times"