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Upcoming locales for TMBG shows (full details at end of message) - Swarthmore College, Albany, NY, Boston, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Ann Arbor, Madison, Minneapolis, Providence, Los Angeles

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See six new TMBG videos and hear many new songs from Here Come the ABCs on this video streamer:

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THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS ON TELEVISION THIS TUESDAY TMBG perform Alphabet of Nations with a special extended bridge just for the broadcast on the Late Show with Conan O'Brien. The guys will be wearing suits and ties. Taping is in the late afternoon. Then John, John and Marty will then be whisked away to do a FREE SHOW at 7pm at Borders in Columbus Circle to sing songs new and old, and to sign, sign, sign everything you got to sign. This is kicking off a promotional tour in bookstores across the US. See Linnell play the accordion for a whole set! See Marty Beller playing the drums! Witness Flansburgh learning how to play bass!


Operator Dot asks "Did you know the Gigantic DVD has over 4 1/2 hours of special features? You think you've seen the movie, but this super-deluxe DVD is so much more. It is a once-in-a-lifetime document of TMBG's career. Includes tons of rare video performance and interviews all lovingly put together in an incredibly stylish package,and we've got your copy right here at, so just tell us where to send it!"


Operator Dot with this helpful tip: "Did you know there are four different ecards at Your Mom's Alright with Mike Doughty, Wicked Little Critta, Santa Claus and the highly entertaining Cyclops Rock."


2/15 New York City FREE SHOW Borders - 10 Columbus Circle, 7 PM 2/19 Swarthmore College (closed show) 2/20 Albany, NY FREE SHOW Borders - 59 Wolf Road, 6 PM 2/21 Braintree, MA FREE SHOW Borders - 255 Grossman Drive, 7 PM 2/23 Vienna, VA (DC area) FREE SHOW Borders - 8027 Leesburg Pike, 7 PM 2/24 Towson, MD FREE SHOW Borders - 415 York Rd.,7 PM 2/25 Bryn Mawr, PA (Philly area) FREE SHOW Borders - 1149 Lancaster Ave., 7 PM 3/2 New York, NY Lincoln Center: McSweeney's Vs. TMBG (SOLD OUT) 3/8 Ann Arbor, MI FREE SHOW Borders - 612 E. Liberty, 7 PM 3/10 Madison, WI New Yorker Nights - 1401 University Ave. tickets on sale 2/21 - call (608) 262-2201 3/11 Minneapolis/Richfield, MN FREE SHOW Borders - 800 W. 78th Street, 7 PM 3/13 Providence, RI FREE SHOW Borders - 142 Providence Place, 6 PM 3/24 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues Sunset Strip - tickets on sale now at Ticketmaster [this show is being filmed for Music Choice] 3/25 Los Angeles, CA FREE SHOW Amoeba Records - families especially invited!