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- TMBG perform on Conan O'Brien Feb. 15

- The Spine Continues to Surf! "Damn Good Times" streaming video debuts at - just click the blue video camera at the top of the homepage - animated by Divya, the new star of "Here Come the ABCs"

- Two free Venue Songs at

Greetings from Flans!

"Hey everybody- Things might seem quiet this moment on the TMBG front, but we are strapping on our crash helmets for a spring full of free shows. The Lincoln Center show is sold out, but we will be performing in NYC for FREE on Feb. 15 at Borders in Columbus Circle. We are also making our way out to Los Angeles for a regular show and a special all-ages one, so you might want to IM the Blackberrys of any 3-year-olds you know in the LA area. John and I will be accompanied by Mr. Marty Beller at all these free Borders shows, and we will be performing half-hour sets, including new ABC songs as well as personal favorites from our dark, dark past. Be sure to check out the two new free Venue songs at, for a copy of the much beloved photos and lyrics is now included at the bottom of this message! JF"



They Might Be Giants return to the world of family stuff with a brand new CD of original songs along with a DVD of amazing visuals entitled "Here Come the ABCs." Preorders for the DVD and CD are available Feb. 1 at Amazon for startling prices. The MP3 download will be available at on the street date of Feb. 15.

To preorder the CD:

...or the DVD:


2/15 New York City Borders - 10 Columbus Circle, 7 PM 2/20 Albany, NY Borders - 59 Wolf Road, 6 PM 2/21 Braintree, MA Borders - 255 Grossman Drive, 7 PM 2/23 Vienna, VA Borders - 8027 Leesburg Pike, 7 PM 2/24 Towson, MD Borders - 415 York Rd.,7 PM 2/25 Bryn Mawr, PA Borders - 1149 Lancaster Ave., 7 PM 3/8 Ann Arbor, MI Borders - 612 E. Liberty, 7 PM 3/11 Minneapolis/Richfield, MN Borders - 800 W. 78th Street, 7 PM 3/13 Providence, RI Borders - 142 Providence Place, 6 PM

Headed to the West Coast for more - stay tuned for details!

NOW ON THEYMIGHTBEGIANTS.COM NEW ONLINE RELEASE "ALMANAC" - TMBG LIVE The energy of TMBG's live show is finally captured in this unique collection of handpicked, bandpicked live tracks from "The Spine Hits the Hiway Tour" of 2004.

FREE WITH EVERY ALBUM DOWNLOAD: "VENUE SONGS" THIS OFFER IS GOING AWAY NEXT WEEK At each stop of the 2004 tour, the band debuted a new song, lovingly dedicated to that evening's venue. These songs were written the day of the show and arranged during soundcheck. The album contains either the soundcheck or gig version, depending on the number of clams in the performance. For the moment, this album is not for sale, but it's FREE with a purchase of $9.99 from the site. So pick up a Live Download, an album, or make your own mix from the single downloads, and the Venue Songs download will be waiting for you after checkout in the "My Downloads" section.

MORE TMBG CATALOG NOW AVAILABLE ON MP3 DIRECT FROM TMBG "They Might Be Giants", "Lincoln", "Then: The Earlier Years", "Misc. T", "They Got Lost", "No!", "Severe Tire Damage", "The Spine Surfs Alone" and the album that started the download-mania "The Spine" are all available as full album downloads or individual tracks for just 99 cents at your local artist owned and operated web sites!...


Celebrate Brooklyn

The flag unfurls

We hear the voice

of Marty Markowitz

Now he's not frontin' the Funky Bunch

He's borough president

From the L to the J to the F to the G

Now who knows what that spells

Let's celebrate Brooklyn now

Even the Gowanus Canal

Even the Gowanus Canal

Even the Gowanus Canal



Tell the moon,

You've seen the serpent

Found the sword

And walked among the trees


Tell the moon

You've seen the serpent

Found the sword

and walked among the trees

Trip the forest

Through the branches

On the limb you fell the nest of bees

Tell the moon

You've seen the serpent

Found the sword,

And walked among the trees