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Attention! Attention! JOHN FLANSBURGH in PEOPLE ARE WRONG! AT THE VINEYARD THEATER PREVIEWS START OCT. 22. OPENS NOV. 4 Super-special deal on tickets for TMBG folks....

From Flansburgh: "Hey everyone! Your response to the ticket special for People Are Wrong! was amazing. So overwhelming that they sold out of the allotted tickets in just a couple of days, to many people's frustration-SO please-if you tried to buy tickets only to be spurned by the electronic governor, please forgive! YES. YES. MORE DISCOUNTED TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE at the very same link, but again this offer is limited and only available until this batch runs out. I would love to get $20 tickets out to everyone in the world but the NYC theater scene evidently just won't go that way.

Info about the show from the previous newsletter: "People Are Wrong!" is a rock musical created by my pals Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser and Julia Greenberg, and also stars the amazing Dave Driver, many of the vocalists featured in the Loser's Lounge, as well as the Loser's Lounge band itself. The show is directed by Obie- winner David Herskovitz and produced by the Vineyard Theater (who created the Broadway hit Avenue Q, which debuted at the Vineyard last year). PAW! has developed exponentially since its previous NYC incarnations (we actually staged it in Bonn, Germany early this summer and in spite of the language barrier, it seemed to rock them) and I sincerely want to encour- age every one to come out. This is our first full staging with costumes and sets and all indications are that a good time is to be had by all. We go into previews in a few weeks, and I have coerced the Vineyard into giving me an incredibly special deal on tickets just for TMBG fans. If you go to the theatermania site at

and plug in the word


in the special code section at the bottom, you can get $20 seats while we're in previews from Oct. 22 til Nov. 3. As you probably know $20 is a total bargain for a NY theater ticket and the Vineyard has been very right on to get us this special deal, so we really hope y'all enthusiastically take advantage of it."