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NEW ITUNES LIVE TRACKS OUT NOW TMBG have a new and updated Itunes page, including extraordinary selected live tracks from their recent shows (warning to completists: some may appear on 2004 live CD coming this fall).

Also available a la carte at Itunes-TMBG's new cover of the 1840 campaign song smash hit "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too."


Get your free download of Linnell's new flash animation for "I'm All You Can Think About," the smash hit off of "The Spine Surfs Alone" (and download the whole EP while you're there!)

Also new and free-the video of the Deeply Felt Puppet Theater perform TMBG's version of "The Long Grift" from the Hedwig Tribute Album.

NEW FULL SHOWS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD AT THEYMIGHTBEGIANTS.COM Dallas, Santa Cruz, USC. Brooklyn, Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco and MORE!

Linnell talks about "The Spine Surfs Alone" and more

"SPINE SURFS ALONE" CDs BACK IN STOCK and available at our secured ecommerce site at

MORE PUPPET NEWS See TMBG with the Homestar puppet in Atlanta GA! Full tour info below.

TRUMPET NEWS See Mark "Loveman" Pender tear the roof off the joint as he joins TMBG for two totally different shows at Irving Plaza New York City Oct. 1 & 2.

FREE MP3 NEWS Get "Richard on Richards" and two more free MP3s at now, as there will be new MP3s replacing them momentarily. All we ask is for the secret members-only password. And have no fear- if you've forgotten the password, the program automatically drops duplicate email addresses so duplicate away, and please tell your friends about this unique service!

NEWS FROM FLANSBURGH "Many many things coming together right now.

TMBG is compiling a live CD from "The Spine Hits the Hiway" Tour to be released this fall. It will include many venue tracks, as well as all the expanded arrangements of songs you've heard on the tour.

We are also putting the finishing touches on a full length DVD for kids called "Here Come The ABCs." There is 60 minutes of new stuff. The DVD is mostly animated (including great stuff from Colour Movie- the people who did the title sequence to "Gigantic")- as well as brilliant work by the Chopping Block on a couple of animations. Also included are some live studio performances of songs from No! and new tracks performed by the Deeply Felt Puppet Theater. The DVD will be out this winter, released by our label Idlewild in conjunction with Disney Sound (any of you Disney- phobes out there need not fret- we had 100% creative control over this entire project) but we don't know if it will make an Xmas release. Look for previews coming up at in the coming months.

TMBG is also happy to announce we will be creating two more book-and-CD sets for Simon & Schuster (the fine publishers who brought you "Bed, Bed, Bed"). We'll embark on the first new book this fall while I'm working nights in NYC in the extended run of the off-Broadway production of "People Are Wrong!" at the Vineyard Theater. It's too soon to announce the titles, but this next one will definitely be for young adults, or really old kids.

So we're off to the UK to live on a bus for a week. If you know anybody in Leeds tell 'em we're coming! Happy National Moving Week, and good luck to everybody going back to school! Y'all rock!

Your pal Flansy"


Sun Sept 5 '04 Academy 2 Manchester, UK

Mon Sept 6 '04 The Garage Glasgow, UK

Wed Sept 8 '04 Irish Centre Leeds, UK

Thurs Sept 9 '04 Astoria London, UK

Fri Sept 17 '04 The Egg Albany, NY

Sat Sept 18 '04 Avalon Boston, MA

Thurs Sept 22 '04 Toad's Place New Haven, CT

Fri Sept 23 '04 Recher Theatre Towson, MD

Sun Sept 24 '04 Star Hill Music Hall Charlottesville, VA

Sat Sept 25 '04 Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA

Sun Sept 26 '04 Music Farm Charleston, SC

Mon Sept 27 '04 Lincoln Theatre Raleigh, NC

Tues Sept 28 '04 Orange Peel Asheville, NC

Thurs Sept 30 '04 TLA Philadelphia, PA

Friday Oct 1 '04-

Sat Oct 2 '04 Irving Plaza New York, NY