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TUNE IN! The Homestar puppet will be performing with TMBG at the Atlanta show! Almost all the TMBG shows from the current tour are available for download at , along with unique content (new flash as well as best of the tour and venue songs coming!).

TURN ON! Flans talks about pageantry:

IT'S ALL HAPPENING IN THE UK! TMBG are off to the UK for a week of shows. If you have friends in Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds or London tell them they are on our way! (full ticket info at the bottom)

FREE LOVE! 3 new TMBG MP3s including the new wave instant classic "Richard on Richards" await you at New songs, new passwords, no worries. Just sign in and enjoy the bounty.

PEACE! Flansburgh communicates from the mountain lab: "Psyched to hear the "Future Soundtrack for America" received four stars (!!!) from Rolling Stone magazine. The response has been very positive and big thanks from TMBG and Barsuk to all the folks for getting their advance orders in on this disc. It is now available at the beloved, where they also sell The Spine for a maddeningly low price. Even got invited on the Bill O'Reilly show (!?!) to argue about it all, but turned it down, to keep my blood pressure down. BUT OkGo will be appearing on the Fuse channel this Wednesday, perilously close to the Republican Convention, to explain the beauty of this powerful compilation. (so tune in for that)

23 reasons to get "Future Soundtrack for America"

1. OK Go - This Will Be Our Year [unreleased Zombies cover] 2. David Byrne - Not So Far To Go [original previously unreleased] 3. Jimmy Eat World - Game Of Pricks [unreleased] 4. Death Cab For Cutie - This Temporary Life [previously unreleased] 5. Blink-182 - I Miss You (James Guthrie mix) [available only on ltd UK 7"] 6. Mike Doughty - Move On [previously unreleased] 7. Ben Kweller - Jerry Falwell Destroyed the Earth [previously unreleased] 8. Sleater-Kinney - Off With Your Head [bonus 7" w/ One Beat LP] 9. REM - Final Straw (MoveOn Mix) [previously unreleased] 10. Bright Eyes - Going For The Gold [previously unreleased] 11. The Long Winters - The Commander Thinks Aloud [previously unreleased] 12. of The Black-Eyed Peas - Money [available prev. onUK-only soundtrack release] 13. They Might Be Giants - Tippecanoe And Tyler Too [unreleased cover of 19th c. political song] 14. Clem Snide - The Ballad of David Icke [previously unreleased] 15. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Date With The Night [previously unreleased] 16. Fountains Of Wayne - Everything's Ruined (acoustic) [unreleased] 17. Nada Surf - Your Legs Grow [previously unreleased] 18. Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots [live previously unreleased] 19. Old 97s - Northern Line [previously unreleased] 20. Laura Cantrell - Sam Stone [unreleased John Prine cover] 21. Tom Waits - Day After Tomorrow [previously unreleased] 22. Elliott Smith - A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free [previously unreleased] 23. 100% of Barsuk's profits from this CD will go to non-profit organizations working to involve more Americans in our political process, to advocate for ordinary people and traditional American values, and to help keep the United States a country all of us can be proud of.

Sun Sept 5 '04 Academy II Manchester, UK

Mon Sept 6 '04 The Garage Glasgow, UK


Wed Sept 8 '04 Irish Centre Leeds, UK

Thurs Sept 9 '04 Astoria London, UK

Fri Sept 17 '04 The Egg Albany, NY

Sat Sept 18 '04 Avalon Boston, MA

Thurs Sept 22 '04 Toad's Place New Haven, CT

Fri Sept 23 '04 Recher Theatre Towson, MD

Sun Sept 24 '04 Star Hill Music Hall Charlottesville, VA

Sat Sept 25 '04 Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA

Sun Sept 26 '04 Music Farm Charleston, SC

Mon Sept 27 '04 Lincoln Theatre Raleigh, NC

Tues Sept 28 '04 Orange Peel Asheville, NC

Thurs Sept 30 '04 TLA Philadelphia, PA

Fri 10/1 & Sat 10/2 Irving Plaza New York, NY