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TMBG at Cornell this weekend; Four UK shows in early September; and the final East Coast leg of the Spine Hits The Hiway Tour in late September. Full details below...

Hard copies of "The Spine Surfs Alone" (with finished artwork!) are available in special Spine bundles at --

Download over a dozen live shows plus exclusive material --


"Experimental Film - Live" A free preview of "The Spine Hits The Road" iTunes album - due August 31 exclusively at the iTunes store.

"Richards on Richards" This song was written and performed at the Vancouver rock club Richards on Richards and is a great example of the forthcoming venue song project. (TMBG has been writing original songs for most of the venues on this tour) THESE SONGS WILL BE COMPILED BOTH ON CD AND AS A SPECIAL DOWNLOAD BUNDLE IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE. Stay tuned to for updates on the "Best Of The Spine

Hits The Hiway" project...

"On The Drag" This very adult song was recorded after-hours during the "No!" sessions. It is part of the "They Got Lost" rarities compilation which awaits you at TMBG's download store -

Prefer a physical CD souvenir? That's okay, we've got them at

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A note from Flansburgh -- "As we all escape the NYC Republican National Convention for our show at Cornell, we are also busy packing our bags for big UK shows. Happy to announce the Future Soundtrack for America compilation debuts at No. 56 on the Billboard Album chart with 25,000 copies sold. If you're interested in this citizens' group that the President calls 'a shadowy organization' visit Should you simply want to get the album, you may do so here: See you at the show!"


Sat Aug 28 '04 Cornell Univ. Ithaca, NY

Free! No tickets required!

Sun Sept 5 '04 Academy II Manchester, UK

Mon Sept 6 '04 The Garage Glasgow, UK


Wed Sept 8 '04 Irish Centre Leeds, UK

Thurs Sept 9 '04 Astoria London, UK

Fri Sept 17 '04 The Egg Albany, NY

Sat Sept 18 '04 Avalon Boston, MA

Thurs Sept 22 '04 Toad's Place New Haven, CT

Fri Sept 23 '04 Recher Theatre Towson, MD

Sun Sept 24 '04 Star Hill Music Hall Charlottesville, VA

Sat Sept 25 '04 Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA

Sun Sept 26 '04 Music Farm Charleston, SC

Mon Sept 27 '04 Lincoln Theatre Raleigh, NC

Tues Sept 28 '04 Orange Peel Asheville, NC

Thurs Sept 30 '04 TLA Philadelphia, PA

Fri 10/1 & Sat 10/2 Irving Plaza New York, NY