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NYC SHOWS! TMBG perform TWO different shows at Irving Plaza Oct. 1 & 2- tickets available soon!

FREE STUFF AGAIN! MP3s changing momentarily at so get the current set now!

VOTE JOHN AND JOHN TMBG contribute to MoveOn.Org album Available at

Hey everyone, Flansburgh here.... Just wanted to tell you a few things about what is coming up. We're on the west coast doing shows and TV (just recorded "Stalk of Wheat" and "Why Does The Sun Shine?" for the new TVLand show of our personal heroes Martin Mull/Fred Willard), and our performance of "Experimental Film" will air on Conan this Friday night unless there is a terror alert preempting it.

The Spine continues to rock beyond reasonable expectations, with a very fine review in Rolling Stone this week. It is now available at iTunes ( and seems to pop in and out of the number one position with frightening regularity. Feel free to get your pals to download from there, although our download site also has the exclusive on EP "The Spine Surfs Alone." If you are a CD freak, we need to tell you the finished copies of the EP are IN STOCK and await your order. "The Spine" and "The Spine Surfs Alone" CD bundle is a massive value and ONLY available at the TMBG store-and now that the fancy artwork version is in stock we are happy to flog it again.

Of course-if you want that instant gratification of Amazon, you can always go there

UK TOUR EXPANDED! ADVANCE TICKETS SUGGESTED These shows are going fast, and advance purchase is suggested. These are all the dates.

Sun Sept 5 '04 Academy 2 Manchester, UK

Mon Sept 6 '04 The Garage Glasgow, UK http://

Wed Sept 8 '04 Irish Centre Leeds, UK

Thurs Sept 9 '04 Astoria London, UK


Thurs Aug 12 '04 Richards Vancouver, BC, Canada

Fri Aug 13 '04 Bite of Oregon Portland, OR

Sat Aug 14 '04 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA

Sun Aug 15 '04 Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA

Tue Aug 17 '04 House of Blues, Anaheim CA

Wed Aug 18 '04 House of Blues, Los Angeles CA

Fri Aug 20 '04 City Limits Tucson, AZ

8/28/04 Ithaca, NY Cornell Univ Free! No tickets required!