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THIS WEEK! TMBG in Houston, New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, DC and Pittsburgh


Flansburgh reports from Houston: "Hello friends. Just got through the big party weekend in Austin and Dallas. Excellent sing-along crowds, more barbecue than humanly possible, and big good times with our bandmates and compadres. Very psyched at the superpositive audience response to The Spine. Glad everybody's gotten on board with the tracks. It's cool to have such a different show for this tour. Want to remind everybody that now features a download site with both The Spine and The Spine Surfs Alone available on the practical and beloved MP3 format. We are also including selected live shows (and I have to note the surprising sonic quality of these recordings. The engineers have really captured the feel of the show, and not just what's coming over the P.A.). We will have a Best Of The Tour compiled in the beginning of August if you're waiting for a more definitive document of "The Spine Hits The Highway" Summer 2004 Tour.

"We are returning to Brooklyn for the big Celebrate Brooklyn show at 7 pm on July 30. Opening will be our good friend Corn Mo, who has been performing with us on Particle Man the past few nights- very exciting to see two accordions live on stage. We'll be performing on Conan August 9, and it airs on August 12, so set your Tivo. Till then, we'll be rockin out in the south. Check out the list below for all the venues.

"Just a few more days remain for the fresh new crop of free MP3s at! Direct from the stage of the Blue Note in Columbia, MO, comes our new song "The Blue Note," part of our effort to write an original song for the beginning of every show (!). Also going away in the next couple of days are exciting renditions of The Spine's "Bastard Wants To Hit Me" and the very screamy "Twistin", all recorded at the Blue Note. There is a new password but fear not if you've already signed up for this service- repeated email addresses are automatically dropped from the email list.

See you on the tour! Check out the dates below."

Tue Jul 20 '04 Meridian Houston, TX

Wed Jul 21 '04 House Of Blues New Orleans, LA

Thu Jul 22 '04 Gibson Beale Street Memphis, TN

Fri Jul 23 '04 SoBro Summer Nights Nashville, TN or 1800 594 TIXX

Sat Jul 24 '04 Live on Penn Washington, DC

Sun Jul 25 '04 Mr. Small's Theater Millvale, PA

Thu Jul 29 '04 The Green Room Seaside Park, NJ

Fri Jul 30 '04 Prospect Park Bandshell Brooklyn, NY

Sat Jul 31 '04 The Downtown Farmingdale, NY

Wed Aug 11 '04 Woodland Park Zoo Amphitheatre Seattle, WA sold out!

Thurs Aug 12 '04 Richards Vancouver, BC, Canada

Fri Aug 13 '04 Bite of Oregon Portland, OR

Sat Aug 14 '04 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA

Sun Aug 15 '04 Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA

Tue Aug 17 '04 House of Blues, Anaheim CA

Wed Aug 18 '04 House of Blues, Los Angeles CA

Fri Aug 20 '04 City Limits Tucson, AZ