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A message from Street Team Jenn!

After More Than 20 Years, TMBG Is Launching Their Brand New

Street Team'TEAM TMBG!

Hi everyone, my name is Jenn and I'll be helping the

Giants run TEAM TMBG. They Might Be Giants have wanted

to create a street team for some time now, and at long last,

that day is finally here!

Join TEAM TMBG and help promote new TMBG albums,

books, tours and everything else they're involved in. It's a

great way to give something back to your community, if by

"giving back" you mean "inundating with information about

They Might Be Giants."

Some of your missions will include distributing CD

samplers, stickers, posters and other cool stuff around

your neighborhood or city; helping promote the band

online; hosting listening parties; designing stickers and

banners; and anything else you or we can come up with.

It's a good way to meet other fans, learn about the music

business, and help out the band.

It's the kind of fun that you should be having. Click here to