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Huzzah's to TechTV! Dial-A-Song: back and busy!

now and whenever-718 387-6962

Yes! Yes! Yes! Indestructible Object is available at iTunes! Get it now before it gets you!

Free MP3 currently at "The Spine Surfs Alone"

TMBG's Clock Radio is still great @ is back and awaits your reviews

Hear TMBG music at (email #99)

--- Hi everybody-Flansburgh here. I had the idea to create a MoveOn.Org benefit album, and through the help of Barsuk in Seattle, it's all coming together. Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze joined in to our steering committee and the lineup is pretty amazing (and will be announced shortly). The release date is July 6 and should be available on all formats then. We're contributing a minor-key version of the song "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too,"a campaign song from 1840 (and quite a catchy number I should add).

To find out why-go to MoveOn.Org.

Our upcoming album "The Spine", and its companion EP "The Spine Surfs Alone" are complete and will also be available in July on our new downloading site. We plan on rolling out the site itself in about a month. "The Spine" will also be out as a traditional physical CD with a charmingly outmoded but beautiful package from the fine Idlewild/Rounder/Universal imprint.

The amazing package of the "Gigantic" DVD and the IO EP along with a nifty and stylishly austere t-shirt awaits you-in stock and ready to ship, at this link: It won't be there forever, so get your order in now!

BIG NYC SHOWS JUNE 4 TMBG AT SOUTHPAW, BROOKLYN John and I are taking part in a special benefit show for the Valencia 826 (a unique drop-in tutoring center to be created in Brooklyn by the McSweeney's magazine crew, modeled on their successful effort in San Francisco). The event will be at Southpaw in Park Slope-Sarah Vowell is hosting, and fine musical and comedic guests are guaranteed. Tickets go on sale this week, and they won't last for very long.

TICKETS ARE NOT ON SALE YET. Don't bug them! Monitor this site and you'll be fine!

Hear the interview from the day Vowell and TMBG met:

JULY 30 TMBG AT CELEBRATE BROOKLYN This is the big show, everybody. It's "The Spine" CD release show, and we want everybody out for this special nighttime event. It is free, although they ask for a voluntary contribution to keep their fine project afloat. TMBG has done this event a couple of times before, and this is always a very special evening.

"People Are Wrong!" is playing the Bonn Biennial in Bonn Germany June 12-14. Tell your German friends! Check out the music of PAW at

Rare "Why Does The Sun Shine?" CD5 available here:

hear TMBG on NPR show "The Connection"

Check out the fascinating They Might Be Wiki, where they have archived this John and John interview cgi-sys/cgiwrap/interbug/tmbw/

Just what films has Flansburgh never seen? Jaws, Star Wars, The Matrix, Pulp Fiction, Blair Witch Project, Silence of the Lambs, On Golden Pond, Back to the Future, Scream, Die Hard, Spider Man, The Lion King, Lord of the Rings, Home Alone, Saving Private Ryan, Austin Powers, Top Gun, Rain Man, Pretty Woman, Rambo

Find out three more! Go to

or hear Flansburgh explain why Sting's good looks get in the way

The TMBG train is comin' to your town!

05/29/04-Maryland Science Center-Baltimore, MD 07/02/04-PromoWest Pavilion-Columbus, OH 07/03/04-Ann Arbor Summer Festival-Ann Arbor, MI 07/30/04-Celebrate Brooklyn (Prospect Park)-Brooklyn, NY 07/31/04-Downtown-Farmingdale, NY 08/11/04-Woodland Park Zoo-Seattle, WA (2 shows) 08/13/04-Bite of Oregon (main stage)-Portland, OR