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WEEK ON WNYC.ORG This link is only going to work for a week-

Stream a brand new Stephin Merritt song, and get a free download of the theme to Now Hear This with John Flansburgh "Hear A New World" sung by Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser. (It's down the sidebar on the right of the page)

And if you got the plug-ins, you can stream the entire show-in this week's special Flansburgh visits a Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke, Stephin Merritt talks about still writing love songs, Matt Stone from South Park reveals his love for Bel Biv Devoe and Mel Torme, Stew from the Negro Problem performs live, and Sleater-Kinney and the therapist who put Aerosmith back together talk to Flansburgh about band therapy.

Coming up NEXT Friday-Flansburgh interviews David Byrne, Mary Wood: Queen of the Jingles, Mason Jennings plays live, Anton Fig, drummer from David Letterman, discusses ghosting on Kiss albums, and Tina Weymouth reads an essay about the unusual mating habits of punk rock boys at CBGB in the mid 70s.

NO! AND INDESTRUCTIBLE OBJECT ON iTunes! By popular demand No! is now available as an easy digital download on iTunes and-yes-Indestructible Object will be up there too on its street date of April 6. If you are into physical objects, we are proud to tell you that the Indestructible Object CD has a beautiful package on very thick card stock, along with music that transcends time and space. Check out the supremely cost-effective bundles (including the wildly cheap "Gigantic" DVD bundle-zoinks-what were they thinking?).


To get the TMBG's Other Thing's free mp3s of Mr. Me and Dirtbike, go to, click the free mp3 link and sign in with the username "tmbg" and password "freetheexpo67". Remember the system automatically excludes doubles, so you will never ever get notification twice.

LIVE SHOWS-WE'RE DOING LIVE SHOWS See our brand new rock show-playing new new songs and new old songs and songs that don't even exist yet! These are the dates!

4/16 Anaheim, CA / 4/17 UCLA (2 shows! tickets going fast)/ 4/18 Santa Barbara / 5/29 Baltimore, MD /

7/3 Ann Arbor 7/30 Brooklyn, NY