Mailing List Archive/2003-12-04

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Hey everybody! Flansburgh here. We're in Chicago for 5 sold-out shows, TV and radio stuff, including Mancow tomorrow!?! and some heavy duty Christmas shopping on the Miracle Mile. Just want to congratulate good friend of the band Adam Schlesinger and his bandmates in Fountains of Wayne for their Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. Looking forward to how those kids follow up their debut album, and while we're a little disappointed that They Might Be Giants didn't get nominated for Best R&B Female Vocal Performance, we're sure it's just a matter of time. Wanted to alert all the New York City posse to our big free concert on December 10 at Barnes & Noble in Union Square with They Might Be Giants' Other Thing: Dan "The Machine" Levine on trombone; Marcus Rojas, star of the WB's Tuba Island on tuba; Marc "The Loveman" Pender on trumpet; and Marty "The Big Bang" Beller will be pounding the skins. The actual performance has been moved to a larger space immediately adjacent to the bookstore and will start promptly at 7, so be prepared. We'll be previewing (and rehearsing live) for our big December 26 show at Irving Plaza, and the Band of Dans return to rock you into the ground December 27 in NYC, December 28 in Baltimore, and December 30 in DC. Happy and proud to shout out a big "mission accomplished" to Joe McGinty and the Losers Lounge for celebrating their 10th anniversary at Fez with their infamous Burt Bacaharach tribute show. On December 10, 12 and 13 Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser will be singing the song "One Less Bell To Answer" and wants to encourage all cheering, as the event is being filmed. For more info and advance tickets, go to