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Ho ho ho- the bundles down below are all super-low priced extra value added packages direct with love from our secured store at ALL mail orders- bundles or individual orders, from now till the Xmas order cut-off date- will include personally autographed Xmas cards, as well as tantalizing custom-made "Flans" guitar picks fresh for the holiday strummers under your Xmas tree! Look toward the end of this email for the big Holiday bundles, and get your orders in now at!

And yes-the "Gigantic" DVD is in stock and shipping now!

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3 new MP3s posted at This week's theme: 3 good reasons to get the "They Got Lost" rarities CD. The official password/link is: but if you type in your email, you need not worry about duplicates of the mass mailings, as the machine automatically bumps off redundant addresses!)

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Greetings from the Main Street Giants Parade!

Happy to announce John and John will be interviewed by Terry Gross tomorrow on Fresh Air on your local NPR affiliate (that's FM on the left, y'all). You might have heard her controversial interviews with Gene Simmons of Kiss, or Bill O'Reilly. We're happy to report we fare much better, with good cheer and good times had by all.

Chicago people-the kids' shows are sold out, and the big big rock show is down to the slender few, so if you are making the trip please be sure to procure in advance-

Another free show in NYC! Dec. 10 at Barnes and Noble in Union Square at 7pm- this one is a preview of the big Dec. 26th Other Thing show at Irving Plaza (with a full brass band including Mark "The Loveman" Pender playing trumpet and our new repertoire fully represented). The full majestic rock power of TMBG's Adult Band backs us up the next night.

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Kiddie bundle $40

Bed Bed Bed beddie book, kid-size shirt (your choice of Bed, Bed, Bed stylee or classic No!), Holidayland CD, set of 5 school-friendly meat pencils, and a set of 3 white Van Magnets.

Kiddie bundle deluxe $80

Bed Bed Bed beddie book, kid-size shirt (your choice of Bed, Bed, Bed stylee or classic No!), Holidayland CD, set of 5 school-friendly meat pencils, set of 3 white Van Magnets, No! CD, your choice of red or black TMBG wallet, and our custom hand-made-with-love wooden climber "No!" toy.

Gigantic Winter Bundle $65

Invite the neighbors in for some Gigantic holiday cheer with the just-released Gigantic DVD, Holidayland CD, Black Snowman Sweatshirt, and green winter hat with embroidered TMBG logo.

'ber-Swank Holiday Bundle $125

Just-released Gigantic DVD, Direct From Brooklyn video compilation DVD, rare Purple Toupee CD single, your choice of 2 shirts (list your choices in the Comments section of the order form), DAS CD compilation, Holidayland CD, Workin' Undercover For The Man CD, and green winter hat with embroidered TMBG logo.

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Flansburgh answers your hard-hitting questions with evasive answers:

From: Jeff C

If I remember right, you guys've been in this business for a good while. How much longer do you foresee your involvement in this industry?

Flansburgh responds: I guess I don't really think about the industry as an industry that much. We are so barely in the music industry in some ways it seems laughable, but as far as that goes, we are very happy to be recording and making albums- forever.

From: Ben T

Hello. Mr. Flansburgh, do you prefer people to call you John, Mr. Flansburgh, The Flans, Flansy, sir, or Flansburgh?

Flansburgh replies: They call me all of those things and it seems people really enjoy that I have this kinda goofy short name with multiple permutations. I used to think it was kind of "summer camp" to be called The Flans or Flansy, but it's been around so long it feels like it comes out of fondness.

From: Troppy

Who's your favorite Monkee?

Flansburgh replies: I liked Mikey most. He was funny but had dignity.

From: Brian M

Of all the places you have travelled to, which have you liked the best and why? Where was the best coffee? Does coffee influence any of your decisions?

Flansburgh replies: The south has uniformly the worst coffee. The northwest is probably best. I think it is often the coffee actually making the decisions. We're just the vehicle.

From: Lmnzcuz5

What is your favorite song to play on tour?

Flansburgh replies: I usually like the ones we're working into the show, but often they don't come across so great to the audience, so it's a bit of a struggle.