Mailing List Archive/2003-09-12

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Hey everybody,

There's some brand new songs up on the EBS part of the ever-expanding TMBG Clock Radio, including our version of "The Long Grift" from "Hedwig." This track is part of "Wig In A Box: A Tribute to Hedwig" to benefit the Harvey Milk School. The disc comes out October 18, and we hope everyone runs out and buys it. Also on EBS is "Taste the Fame," our theater camp song from Cartoon Network's brilliant "Home Movies" where John and I play camp counselors, as well as drum-playing male-bonding guys who hang out in the woods. Something to look forward to next Tuesday- we'll be performing on the Joe Franklin radio show alongside Steven Herbst, the world champion whistler. Maybe we'll get to jam. Tune into WOR-AM (710) at 8:30 pm if you're in the NY area, and y'all are also welcome to come down to Joe Franklin's Memory Lane restaurant in the heart of Times Square where the big broadcast emanates from, but we don't even know if they have a PA so we can't guarantee any real entertainment beyond the restaurant's unlikely ambiance. I believe they have jello! We will be sure to archive this for a future broadcast on the Clock Radio. Have a great weekend! Peace out.