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TMBG are coming to London, New York City, Ridgefield CT, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago, IL to do some very adult shows, and some kids' shows too!

TMBG are also doing free in-store performances for everybody in the following cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Albany, NY, Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Minneapolis!

All the proper dates and venues are at the end of this email ______________________________________________________ Don't break the chain! Forward this email to a parent! THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS FULL BAND KIDS' SHOWS AT SYMPHONY SPACE OCT. 25

We have expanded our kids' show format, and have a bunch of surprises, so super-size that soft drink because there's a lot of tot-rockin' to do. The first show is at 11am (! ) and the second at 2. If you know NYC parents-please pass the word on to them (we know they're busy people!).

Want tickets? Go to this link

______________________________________________________ TMBG.COM FULLY UPDATED -HI RES PHOTOS- SARAH VOWELL MP3s TO BE REMOVED SOON

Get 'em while they're hot. Check the photo dept. and the latest news. We've added many new tracks to the Clock Radio audio streamer (if you've had any trouble downloading this fantastic free device in the past we are pretty certain you won't have that trouble now). We've also posted a lot of new information, and features (there is a jpeg of the Bed Bed Bed book cover just to give you an idea of how cool it's gonna be). Check it, like, now ______________________________________________________ 10/4 London UK McSweeney vs. They Might Be Giants- tickets at 10/14 "Bed, Bed, Bed" released 10/25 New York City, NY Symphony Space, NYC 2 kids' shows 10/26 Ridgefield, CT The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum- for tickets call 203.438.4519 11/1 Portland, OR Reed College- students only! 11/2 Seattle, WA Experience Music Project! Kids' Show in the day! Adult Show in the evening! 11/4 San Francisco, CA FREE IN-STORE PERFORMANCE - A Clean Well-Lighted Place 7 pm 11/5 Pasadena, CA FREE IN-STORE PERFORMANCE Vroman's Pasadena 7 pm 11/9 Albany, NY FREE IN-STORE PERFORMANCE Book House (location tbd) 2 pm 11/10 Boston, MA FREE IN-STORE PERFORMANCE Borders #120 7 pm 11/11 Providence, RI FREE IN-STORE PERFORMANCE Borders #142, Providence Place 7 pm 11/14 Philadelphia, PA FREE IN-STORE PERFORMANCE Borders S. Broad Street, 7 pm 11/15 Washington DC FREE IN-STORE PERFORMANCE Olsson's Books, Arlington City 7 pm 11/16 Baltimore, MD FREE IN-STORE PERFORMANCE Barnes & Noble, White Marsh 3 pm 12/5 Chicago, IL- venue to be announced- a special rock show just for the hard-rockin' adults. 12/6 Chicago, IL 2 kids' shows at the Old Town School 12/7 Chicago, IL more kids' shows at the Old Town School 12/8 Minneapolis MN FREE IN-STORE PERFORMANCE Wild Rumpus Books 4/17/04 Los Angeles, CA Royce Hall, UCLA