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Flansburgh here with the gift of freeness. Come on out to our big rock show headlining the outdoor fest this Friday in St. Louis. It is a FREE SHOW for THE PEOPLE.

Also- we just recorded a set of new and old summer songs with our mini-brass band ensemble (including a cover of the Beach Boys classic ballad "Caroline, No") for NPR's great radio show Studio 360, and we have a preview posted on the EBS band of TMBG's Clock Radio at Check it out now, my fellow travellers, and if you dig it, please tell your friends- because freedom isn't free!

F*U*N W*I*T*H Y*O*U*R C*O*M*P*U*T*E*R....

Rave review of "Gigantic" in big Minneapolis daily....

Have you seen the video "Tender Is The Mind"? Hard to love. Harder to ignore.....

Cool audio streaming interview with J&J in Boston....

Print interview and a list of all the movies John F. has never seen...

Go to for new tracks at TMBG Clock

Go to for the latest schedule of "Gigantic" screenings...

"GIGANTIC"'s at a theater near many!:

LOS ANGELES, CA at the Sunset 5 opens 6/25

  • special event with Director AJ Schnack June 25 and 27

CHICAGO, IL at the Music Box 6/20-6/26

BOSTON, MA at the Brattle 6/20-6/26

MINNEAPOLIS. MN at the Oak Street Cinema 6/27

PHILADELPHIA, PA at the Prince 7/2

  • special event with John Flansburgh to be announced

PITTSBURGH, PA at the Oaks Theater opens 7/4

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK at the Oklaho,ma City Museum of Art 7/10 - 7/12

SALT LAKE CITY, UT at the Broadway Theater 7/11 -7/24

ST. LOUIS, MO at the Landmark Tivoli 7/18 - 7/24

OLYMPIA, WA at the Olympia Film Society 7/26 - 7/31

CLEVELAND, OH at the Cleveland Cinematheque 7/26 & 7/27

AUSTIN, TX at the Dobie opens 8/1

SAN FRANCISCO, CA at the Castro 8/8-8/14

  • special event with Josh Kornbluth to be announced

SEATTLE, WA at the Varsity 8/15-8/21

HARTFORD, CT at the Real Artways 9/12-13 and 9/19-20

and many more....