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TMBG Clock radio is free, now improved and has

brand new songs!

Flansburgh stars in "People Are Wrong!" this Saturday night in western Mass.!

TMBG play free concert in St. Louis June 27 at 4pm at the Washington Avenue Summerfest! Gigantic opens in Boston, Chicago (with Ira Glass and AJ Schnack Q&A!), Los Angeles and Birmingham, Alabama next week! (details about all the theaters below) Chat with Linnell at tomorrow!

TMBG Clock Radio is on the air and a totally free download at! Hear "Am I Awake" right now..... (Flansburgh says: "We just mixed it last night and people can hear it today. Sweet.")

Launched just last week, this amazing little audio streamer brings you unlimited music from the hallowed halls of TMBG's musical library. A quick and free download, the TMBG Clock Radio sits on the corner of your desktop. The programs include hours of fine TMBG music, include many unreleased and rare tracks, an entire "FM" band of live recordings, and unique content on the "EBS" band, which also features media news and up to the minute show announcements. We will be constantly adding new material to the 3 channels, so it will always be factory-fresh!

But we have a simple request of you- can you give the gifty of internet information and send an email of the news of TMBG's Clock Radio to a friend? This is a totally grass-roots project, and we need to get the word out. We appreciate your help! Don't break the chain!

Hear "Am I Awake?" TMBG's latest theme for the upcoming TLC documentary series "Resident Life" on TMBG's Clock Radio EBS channel (where the freshest tracks and info reside....)

Flansburgh sings in "People Are Wrong!" this Saturday at MassMOCA in western Mass.

See the show in the last staging of this year! For free MP3 samples (including John F. singing the title song and "Everlasting Vibe"), go to

For tickets and information go to

"GIGANTIC"'s at a theater near many! To see a trailer for the film, visit .

LOS ANGELES, CA at the Sunset 5 opens 6/25

  • special event with Director AJ Schnack 6/25 - 27

CHICAGO, IL at the Music Box 6/20 - 6/26

  • special event with Director AJ Schnack & Ira Glass 6/21

BIRMINGHAM, AL at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival 6/24

BOSTON, MA at the Brattle 6/20 - 6/26

MINNEAPOLIS, MN at the Oak Street Cinema 6/27 -

PHILADELPHIA, PA at the Prince 7/2 -

  • special event with John Flansburgh to be announced

PITTSBURGH, PA at the Oaks Theater opens 7/4

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art 7/10 - 7/12

SALT LAKE CITY, UT at the Broadway Theater 7/11 -7/24

ST. LOUIS, MO at the Landmark Tivoli 7/18 - 7/24

OLYMPIA, WA at the Olympia Film Society 7/26 - 7/31

CLEVELAND, OH at the Cleveland Cinematheque 7/26 & 7/27

AUSTIN, TX at the Dobie opens 8/1

SAN FRANCISCO, CA at the Castro 8/8-8/14

  • special event with Josh Kornbluth to be announced

SEATTLE, WA at the Varsity 8/15-8/21

HARTFORD, CT at the Real Artways 9/12-13 and 9/19-20

and many more....