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Hey everybody- Flansburgh here!

First, let me say what a fantastic evening last night's Bowery performance was. So many great performers joined us on stage, it was really just a dizzying dream for us. In the middle of the show Robert Krulwich from ABC Nightline presented with a Proclamation from the Borough of Brooklyn declaring May 22 "They Might Be Giants Day" in Brooklyn (which was a total surprise, and kinda a mind-blower!), and the whole event was toppped off with Mark "Loveman" Pender (from the Conan show) sitting in on trumpet doing the most insane circular breathing demonstration. Crazy.

I am writing now to tell y'all that John and I are doing a Q&A for "Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns" at the Cinema Village theater Sunday night at the end of the 7:35 show. We'll also be introing the 9:55 screening. Then it's the same kinda deal on Monday with a Q&A at the 1:05 show and an intro for the 3:15. We hope everyone can get out and experience the film on the big screen.

Cinema Village 22 E. 12 Street (at University) New York, NY

If you are interested in the TMBG Quarterly Report at Joe's Pub on June 8, we strongly suggest you get your purchases in because those tickets are going fast. We'll be doing all of Apollo 18 in sequence (along with some special material we have yet to figure out- maybe songs ABOUT Apollo 18). Hope to see you there.

For tickets to the Apollo 18 show at Joe's, we suggest stopping in at their lovely box office, where there is no service charge. For ticket info call (212) 239-6200. The address is 425 Lafayette Street (on Astor Place), Sunday & Monday 1pm - 6pm, Tuesday - Saturday 1pm - 7:30 pm or, if you're feeling fancy, go to

We've done a couple of songs for Cartoon Network's animated series. This ponderously long one should take you to a clip of one of them! dexter_backtothelab/+%22cartoon+network%22%2B%22they+might+be+giants%22%2B%22%