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so much happening- "Gigantic" theatrical run in over a dozen cities - big-time talent show at Bowery celebrating Gigantic almost sold out - call out for street team for film release - 2003 declared TMBG History Month - TMBG return from west coast tour with McSweeney's and special stands - "People Are Wrong" in western Mass. - new TMBG children's picture book this fall on Simon and Schuster includes 4 new recordings

Hey everyone! Flansburgh here.

END OF THE TOUR: Just got back from the west coast and a bunch of great unusual shows. Got to take the McSweeney's show to the left side for some big sold-out gigs at Stanford and UCLA with Dave Eggers, Sarah Vowell and Zadie Smith doing a great job holding up the literary side of the bargain. Dave's story concerned a young man obsessed with the early Smiths' song "Well I Wonder" which we worked up for the show, and we sang the "Could Be Worse" song co-written with Sarah. Zadie read "The Girl With Bangs" from McSweeney's 6. A few days later in the tour we had an extended residency in San Francisco at the insanely pretty Great American Music Hall, including a night of Sapphire Bullets opening up doing "Flood." Worked up a pretty straightforward cover of "Hey Hey We're the Monkees" which seemed to take some by surprise, but was a gas to play with the Dans. With some hang time in these towns, we made friends with the super-sassy Amy Miles and indie rock charmers the Long Winters who opened up a bunch of these dates. (The Long Winters' brand new album "When I Pretend to Fall" is really worth checking out- many good songs and nice artwork to boot.) TMBG also returned to TechTV to perform and we convinced Leo (the fellow who co-hosts the program Screen Savers) to build a computer based server for Dial-A-Song! All praise to TechTV!

THE "GIGANTIC" MOVIE PREMIERE, THE PARTY AND THE AFTER PARTY PARTY: Next week we are performing a very special "Gigantic" night with guest singers joining us on stage to sing TMBG songs at the Bowery Ballroom. Confirmed on the bill with us so far- Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing), Frank Black, Kimya Dawson (Moldy Peaches), Gordon Gano (Violent Femmes), Syd Straw, Dave Driver and Julia Greenberg of "People Are Wrong!" and Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser. The amazing Corn Mo (of Tinkle fame) will open up the show. There will be some other people too, but we might just leave that as a surprise. That is going to be one crowded dressing room...

There are less than 100 tickets left for the general public (it's a big press event for the movie's premiere) so to guarantee your spot we suggest you act now. Call Ticketweb at 866-468-7619 or go to

If you live in NYC and want to avoid the service charges, the Bowery Ballroom box office is at the Mercury Lounge, 217 East Houston Street by Ludlow Mon.-Sat. from noon to 7pm. (Be sure to stop into Katz's down the street and buy yourself a fantastic sandwich- one of the greatest things of all time.)

STREET TEAMS FORMING TO SUPPORT "GIGANTIC" RELEASE The nice people at Cowboy Pictures [] and PlexiFilm [ ] are looking to organize "street teams" of TMBG folks who would be interested in helping get the word out about the film in the towns listed below. Basically, they'll send you posters and postcards to distribute to spots around the cities. Along with an extremely special place in TMBG's heart, participants will get a weekly guest pass to the film along with some special gifty stuff. If you're interested and can help out on these upcoming screenings, email Kendra at We'd sure appreciate it.

"Gigantic" is coming to all these theaters! Tell your friends!

NEW YORK, NY at the Cinema Village opens 5/23

WASHINGTON, DC at the Silver Theater 5/30-6/15

LOS ANGELES, CA at the Sunset 5 opens 6/20

CHICAGO, IL at the Music Box 6/20-6/26

BOSTON, MA at the Brattle 6/20-6/26

BIRMINGHAM, AL at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival on 6/24 only

PHILADELPHIA, PA at the Prince Music Theater opens 7/2

PITTSBURGH, PA at the Oaks Theater opens 7/4

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art 7/10-7/12

ST LOUIS, MO at the Tivoli 7/18-7/24

AUSTIN, TX at the Dobie opens 8/1

SAN FRANCISCO, CA at the Castro 8/8-8/14

SEATTLE, WA at the Varsity 8/15-8/21

SIMON AND SCHUSTER BOOK OUT THIS FALL!: Following up the success of No! we're making a kids' book! Yes, "Bed, Bed, Bed" a bedtime book and 4 song CD of all new material, including a radical reworking of "Bed, Bed, Bed" with a new melody, will be out this fall. Watch this space for future info.

TMBG EMBARK ON NEW ROCK ALBUM/ORIGINAL DVD PROJECT You heard it here first. No working title, but the project will be underway soon.

FLANSBURGH SINGS AT TINKLE: Don't know if the NYC TMBGers know about Tinkle [] at Pianos every Sunday night, but it is a great night out (crazy cheap-just $6- and free if you watch the mega TV in-house broadcast upstairs!) with some amazing comic folks involved. The hosts of this loose night of variety are David Cross (of Mr. Show) Jonathan Benjamin (of Dr. Katz and the great great new show Home Movies) and the King of Deadpan himself Todd Barry. I sat in last Sunday- sang a couple of songs (Unsupervised and Night Security from the Mono Puff discs). Laura Kightlinger was there and shocked all with her disturbing tales of love. It was fun fun fun.