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Greetings All! Flansburgh here.

Today's topics:

Historic They Might Be Giants Month is coming People Are Wrong! arrives at PS122 in two weeks A bundle of free MP3s TMBG spring touring continues- East Coast/West Coast controversy

Barely recognized in the states of Delaware and West Virginia, May is Historic They Might Be Giants Month. Along with all the celebrations surrounding the theatrical release of "Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns" in New York City, there will be some special online activities. We want to encourage everyone out there to get your T1 lines hooked up.

P E O P L E A R E W R O N G ! T I C K E T S N O W A V A I L A B L E

Starting Thursday March 20th at the prestigious Performance Space 122 in Manhattan, the Loser's Lounge will be starting a two-week run in an original rock musical called "People Are Wrong!" starring David Driver. Flansburgh (that's me) is producing the show and plays the role of Russ the homeowner. This is the first full staging of the show, and includes many new numbers (check out the MP3 section below). We're working with a fantastic director named David Herskovits (who has done some amazing work and is in possession of a couple of Obie Awards). The show schedule and generic press release explaining more details are at the bottom of this email. Tickets are available at the theater's box office on the corner of 10th St. and 1st Ave., now at and search for "people are wrong" or go to this ponderously long link: people+are+wrong&searchregion=xxx&beginmonth=03&beginday=7&beginyear=2003& endmonth=02&endday=26&endyear=2004&sortorder=0

A B O U T T H E N E W M P 3 s

The official People Are Wrong! site (at is featuring a demo version of the new show closer "Everlasting Vibe" with Julia G. and John F. sing the leads. The version in the show is far more elaborate and features some great vocalizing from STC while the very happening Loser's Lounge band breaks it all the way down.

New today on the site are a number of interesting nuggets of MP3 sunshine. MAS FUN is an instrumental of non-specific origin and is available here for the first time anywheres. We've included REST AWHILE off the fine fine They Got Lost compilation, which is still available at shows and online, along with a rarity MAN IT'S SO LOUD IN HERE (HOT 2002 MIX) which is a remix by The Elegant Too. Check out the Cher-voice treatment on JL's vocal. We got a lot of positive response from the S-E-X-X-Y Remix- who knew there was so much electronic love for TMBG. We have also included a MYSTERY TRACK which shall remain that for the time being.


NEW ENGLAND We're doing a short run up to New England in a few weeks. Our shows at legendary grotto Toad's Place, New Haven's little box that rocks, are always fun. They put up a mesh fence between the drinkers and the non-drinkers to make sure the drinkers lose their ride home. Some of these screamy, sloppy, swear-filled shows are evidently available for viewing at Digital Club Network on line. (Who knew?) The next night we're at Avalon, in the complex of buildings along the Fenway that originally housed the psychedelic club the Boston Tea Party (where the "Bosstown Sound" was born and remained) and other Boston rock institutions. Wrapping up our triple-header is a show at Lupo's in Providence, a pretty city where late night dining and political corruption are not a problem.

WEST COAST with McSWEENEYS, and SPECIAL STANDS In the end of April we are doing a very different kind of west coast tour. Along with a couple of special shows with the McSweeney's writers, we're doing multiple nights in a number of cities including San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. These shows will be radically different from night to night with almost no repetition of songs, but we've chosen to keep our set lists variety-filled to reduce general audience confusion. We may choose to play a side from an album or all the songs we know in alphabetical order, but after playing shows dedicated to entire albums only to find half the crowd had no idea what we were doing or why, we're going to "keep the ball rolling" as they say in television. I'm also happy to announce we're definitely be playing in Anaheim and Portland, although I don't have the dates in front of me.

ANOTHER KIDS SHOW IN MAY- in Princeton, NJ. That is during the day, then we'll rock out for the adults in the evening.

4/04 New Haven, CT Toad's Place 4/05 Boston, MA Avalon Club 4/06 Providence, RI Lupo's 4/24 Los Angeles, CA UCLA - McSweeney's 4/25 San Diego, CA 4th and B 4/27 Stanford, CA Stanford University McSweeney's Show 4/28 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall 4/29 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall 4/30 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall And somewhere around here in Portland, OR and Anaheim, CA. 5/6 Seattle, WA Crocodile Cafe 5/7 Seattle, WA Crocodile Cafe 5/24 Princeton, NJ Macarter Theater 7/19 Greenfield, MA Green River Festival


Don't call it a rock opera! : The Loser's Lounge in People Are Wrong! moves to PS122 in March First theatrical run introduces Obie-winning director David Herskovits

"It had its way with me and left me wanting more!" John Cameron Mitchell, creator of Hedwig and the Angry Inch

'A cult above the rest... Zingy!' James Rado, lyricist of Hair

Bringing together some of the finest talents from the rock world and New York theater, People Are Wrong! is a manic and joyful celebration of melody and musical fable. Based on a true story, this cautionary tale of a charismatic cult leader masquerading as a landscape artist in a rural upstate town is told entirely in song. The show stars David Driver (Rent), Grammy-winner John Flansburgh (of They Might Be Giants), Maggie Moore (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and Chris Anderson (of Muckafurgason). People Are Wrong! also introduces the songwriting talents of Julia Greenberg and Robin Goldwasser to the musical stage. Backed up by the Loser's Lounge band and the inspired vocal group STC (Sean Altman, Tricia Scotti & Connie Petruk), this is the first original production to come out of this highly creative team. The Loser's Lounge Band is Joe McGinty (musical director, keyboards), Jeremy Chatzky (musical director, bass), Clem Waldmann (drums), Kris Woolsey (guitar), and Jon Spurney (guitar).

The PS122 run also introduces Obie Award winner David Herskovits to People Are Wrong! Herskovits directed Mamba's Daughters which was a part of the Spoleto festival, David Soldier's The Naked Revolution based on the work of visual artists Komar and Melamid, and recently The Sandman, an opera Herskovits also co-wrote. About Herskovits: In Theater magazine raved "If there's any justice in the theatrical world, one day soon this director will get a shot at a Broadway house and Broadway history will be made."

PS 122 performance schedule of People Are Wrong! Thurs. - Sat. March 20-29 at 9pm Sunday March 30 at 5pm Special early show added Saturdays 22 & 29 at 7pm. All tickets are $18. Reservations advised. Available at the box office at 150 1st Ave., call (212) 477-5829 or order online

For new hi-res photos go to (and free MP3s for the people!)

F O R A L L T H E P E O P L E W H O G O T H E R E if you like the moon!