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Hey- The "No! Show" has been a dream of a summer tour, peaking with the exceptionally wonderful Central Park show and Museum of Fine Arts performances in Boston celebrating TMBG's big two-0. The rough sledding of the last three days, however, made up for a month of easy gigging. As we were leaving for Harrisburg we found the bus co. had forgotten to procure a proper trailer (big enough to hold our gear) with a mad scramble ensuing to locate a truck and driver in the middle of the night to get our gear to PA in time for the show. Motoring on down the road to Buffalo, we found out we were set to play during their short but profound monsoon season. As the rain took out the front-of-house board moments before we were to hit the stage in the midst of a total downpour- it was the dudes mud-sliding in the field directly over the cables providing electrical service to the stage that made the powers that be pull the metaphorical plug before the physical one electrocuted the mischief makers. We performed a short unplugged set outside the bus for the folks who endured the storm, but our apologies to the many who made it out only to get really, really wet. We'll be back to rock you soon. The final day in Toronto started with an unmentionable member of our touring party being stopped at the border due to an arrest 20 years ago, leaving all a little stunned. An early "all ages" show at the historically punk Lee's Palace managed to confuse all- no one knew if it was a kids show or for teenagers, and consequently almost everyone stayed away (with the notable exception of a half dozen little kids and a provocatively dressed transvestite). Felt very wrong. The second show made up for it, with a great turn out and a very responsive crowd, along with the Much Music people filming a very manic set for posterity. Anyway- while the tour ended on probably our most mixed set of shows in recent memory, it was a great tour over all. The Band of Dans were in great form, and getting to play all the new new songs and all the new old songs was a real treat. Thanks to all for coming out. Look forward to the Oct. run.

"PEOPLE ARE WRONG" IS COMING! LIMITED EDITION BENEFIT CD, FREE MP3s I have posted two songs from "People Are Wrong" for your listening pleasure: "Sixth Dimension Rock" and "At the Agway." This is the link: It's just two weeks til the debut of the off off Broadway run of the original rock opera "People Are Wrong" at Joe's Pub. The show is about a charismatically unhinged gardener / cult leader, his upstate cult, and some city folk who make the dreadful mistake of hiring him. I am producing this show, and am starring in the role of Russ, the homeowner. The show was written by Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser (of Dr. Evil and In The Middle fame) and our Loser's Lounge pal Julia Greenberg. Dave Driver stars as the cult leader Xanthus. Joe McGinty's Loser's Lounge band is backing up the whole show. The last shows sold out fast, so if you are planning to check this out, we recommend you reserve your tickets in advance.

We also want to encourage everyone out there to help out the show by purchasing a copy of the limited edition 10 song sampler CD (produced by yours truly and shipping mid Sept.) Simply email us your name and address along with your credit card #(Visa, Mastercard, or AmEx), and its expiration date- that's important - and make sure you write your name as it appears on the card). The price is just $12 with a $2 shipping and handling charge (we're using the US mails folks- it's cheap!)


"PEOPLE ARE WRONG!" In Concert at JOE'S PUB Eight Performances Only! MONDAYS at 7:00 & 9:30 pm SEPTEMBER 9, 16, 23, 30

Limited seating. Reservations recommended. Tickets $20 available through TeleCharge: 212.239.6200 and at or at The Public Theater Box Office. Dinner reservations at 212.539.8778 425 Lafayette Street (below Astor Place) in New York City

BIG CHAT THIS WEEK AT TMBG.COM! NEW FOLKS INVITED! Tuesday Night Chat at This week at 10pm EST we are inviting everyone and especially all the new folk- all the people who just came into the TMBG orbit, to come on over to the chat and discuss their feelings on things giant and beyond. Suggested

topic: "They Got Lost" the CD, the lifestyle.