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Dewey Beach DE 8/14. Harrisburg PA 8/21, Buffalo NY 8/22, Toronto 8/23

SEE TMBG's PROFILE IN THE NEW YORKER ON NEWSSTANDS NOW! "they got lost" rarities CD out now at ! 21 tracks! all good!

Aug. 13 Conan O'Brien Show, NBC Aug. 15 20th Anniversary Celebration / Free Central Park, NYC show w/ People Are Wrong and Moldy Peaches (show is in the PM) Aug. 17 Boston Museum of Fine Arts (two shows 6:30 and 9:30)

GREETINGS EVERYONE! FLANSBURGH HERE.... Howdy from Pittsburgh PA, ("the most livable city in Pittsburgh!" as the waiter in the diner exclaims). We just came off of some really exciting shows, with Chicago's Navy Pier as a high point (huge turnout, amazing energy). We're all shocked that no one in the band has gotten desperately ill or had something fall on them- this tour has been pretty non-catastrophic, although the sensory deprivation of continuous travel on the bus has reduced me to watching the director's commentary on almost every DVD available to me on the bus.

CENTRAL PARK AUG 15! As you can see from the items above we've got a busy week ahead of us. Hope some of you folks from farther out can make it to our big Central Park show. We're not going to be dwelling too much on the past as far as the song selection goes (we're STILL not an oldies act as we're sure y'all have noticed at our recent shows) but it will be special night- just watch the ol' rock odometer turn to 20.

PEOPLE ARE WRONG in SEPTEMBER! I am also proud to announce that I am personally entering the world of theatrical production, and would love to invite you to the first run of the rock musical "People Are Wrong" at the exclusive Joe's Pub (part of the prestigious Joe Papp Shakespeare Co.). The show was written by Robin Goldwasser and Julia Greenberg, and stars the supernaturally talented Dave Driver. I'll be performing along side Dave, Robin and Julia among others. The music is provided by the Loser's Lounge band under the strict supervision of Joe McGinty. This show is presented in "concert" form (like "Jesus Christ Superstar") and is the story of a charismatic leader of a small cult and his struggle to be understood (like "Jesus Christ Superstar"). It's really good and totally new and I would love it if you came out to see it. MONDAYS at 7:00 & 9:30 pm SEPTEMBER 9, 16, 23, 30 Tickets are $20 and are available through TeleCharge: 212.239.6200 or at The Public Theater Box Office. Joe's Pub at The Public Theater 425 Lafayette Street (below Astor Place) in New York City Further info at 212.539.8770 or

McSWEENEY's SHOWS THIS FALL! This fall we will be joining forces with the fine writers of McSweeney's on some special nights of music and spoken word. There are two shows planned in DC, Philadelphia, St. Paul MN and Chicago. MORE ON THIS SOON.

CHAT TONIGHT Wanted to also remind all the new email list people there is a TMBG chat room tonight at starting at 10pm. It takes a moment to get signed on the first time, but we want to encourage new folk to join in these discussions. TONIGHT'S TOPIC: Reality TV- scary or awful?

"THEY GOT LOST" EBAY SCAM REVEALED PLEASE do not be confused. TMBG's brand new rarities CD "They Got Lost" is available now and forever from Idlewild Recordings, and should not be bought for exorbitant prices on Ebay. In fact we have a sweet sweet "bundle" deal with a t-shirt that is downright cheap, so please don't let the scammers take advantage of the relative obscurity of this item. We got it. You want it- it's yours.

Here's the blurb on "They Got Lost":

It's here! Idlewild Recordings are happy to announce the release of "They Got Lost," our first full length compilation of top-quality rarities. This disc is available only through TMBG's e-commerce site and at upcoming TMBG shows! This special disc draws from a wide array of sources- from ABC's Brave New World, to our McSweeney's disc, and the very best of our various EMusic efforts. It even includes the notorious "Disappointing Show," one of the most unusual spontaneous songs of our career recorded live at Columbia University. "They Got Lost" features 21 recordings and at over 45 minutes long, most of these songs have never available on disc before. We love this disc! We think you will too.

They Got Lost includes: I'm Sick (of this American life), Disappointing Show, Words Are Like, All Alone, Rest Awhile, Oranges, Truth in Your Words, On the Drag, Down to the Bottom of the Sea, I Am a Human Head, Empty Bottle Blues, They Got Lost, Reprehensible, Rat Patrol, The Army's Tired Now, Certain People I Could Name, Theme to McSweeney's, Dollar for Dollar, Mosh Momken Abadon, Token Back to Brooklyn and Oranges Testimonial.

The disc is only available at all our shows and at As a special deal to all our long-distance email friends we are also offering the disc in two unique, super-secret dough-saving bundles: The "Lost Bundle" includes the disc and your choice of ANY t-shirt (including our many new designs and our special 20th Anniversary reissues) or the "Really Lost Bundle" which includes the "They Got Lost" disc, any t-shirt and your choice of "Mink Car" or our brand new enhanced disc "No!" (Just indicate in the Comments section of the order form which t-shirt and size you want.) Our t-shirt manufacturing has finally caught up to the insane number of orders that arrived with the release of "No!" so fulfillment should be prompt and easy. This offer will be available for most of the summer.


Fri. Aug. 2, at 8 pm Sat., Aug. 3, at 4 pm Sun., Aug. 4, at 4 pm Thurs., Aug. 8, at 8 pm Sat., Aug. 10, at 4 pm Sat., Aug. 17, at 4:15 pm Sun. Aug. 18, at 7 pm* Thurs., Aug. 22, at 8 pm Sat., Aug. 24, at 4 pm Thurs., Aug. 29, at 8 pm Thurs., Sept. 5, at 8 pm Sat., Sept. 7, at 3 pm* Thurs., Sept. 19, at 6 pm*

For recorded program/box office info: 617.369.3770 For advance ticket sales call 617.369.3306 OR go to for online purchase Tickets may be purchased in person at the box office as well


They Might Be Giants 20th Anniversary Concerts, Saturday Aug 17 at 7pm and 9:30 pm,

For recorded program/box office info: 617.369.3770 For advance ticket sales call 617.542.4632 OR Tickets can be purchased online at

Tickets can be purchased at the MFA box office in person as well.