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TMBG news: Los Angeles tomorrow night! is totally revamped and awaits your perusal!

Flansburgh here- Sure, you're an adult and you enjoy TMBG. We know you find "No!" interesting enough, but you need a new set of songs for grown ups! That's why we've release this new set of rarities, "They Got Lost." It is ONLY available via mail order and at our shows. We have a set of excellent bundles if you want to add some value to your mail order, or we invite you to one of our many upcoming shows. The "Lost Bundle" includes the disc and your choice of ANY t-shirt (including our many new designs and our special 20th Anniversary reissues) or the "Really Lost Bundle" which includes the "They Got Lost" disc, any t-shirt and your choice of "Mink Car" or our brand new enhanced disc "No!" Just tell us the shirt and size you want in the Comments section of the order form. Our t-shirt manufacturing has finally caught up to the insane number of orders that arrived with the release of "No!" so fulfillment should be prompt and easy. This offer will be available for most of the summer.

We also want to thank all the people who have taken part in the new TMBG chat room at Obviously if others want to start addition chats on other nights besides Tuesday, that is totally up to y'all.


-GET over 40 minutes of music -BASK in the glory of owning a disc unavailable in those old fashioned disc shops -UNDERSTAND Robin Goldwasser as she lays down the upstate groove on the drums in "Words Are Like" -DISCOVER the ultimate spontaneous song experience as TMBG hacks its way through the instant classic "Disappointing Show" recorded live at Columbia University -REVEL in the shameless promotion of graphic design firm the Chopping Block company in TMBG's paid endorsement "Oranges Testimonial" -HEAR bass god Graham Maby burn up the frets while Dan Hickey pounds the skins on his very first TMBG recording session on the incendiary rock blast "Rest Awhile" -KNOW the entire experience of TMBG's road life vividly described on "They Got Lost" -BELIEVE in trumpet player Jim O'Connor as he blows his improvisational top off on the vibey "Empty Bottle Blues" -RELIVE the nu-wave explosion with the eighth-note driven "Truth in Your Words," as the narrator makes his case for the return of a mini-bike. -VIBRATE at a sympathetic frequency to the poignant strains of "The Army's Tired Now" -AVAIL yourself of the yellowy redness of "Oranges" as TMBG sings the praises of the Chopping Block and their impressive work habits. -FATHOM the dark, rocky depths of "Down to the Bottom of the Sea" -WITNESS the song TMBG cooked up on a dare from Sarah Vowell during TMBGs interview for "This American Live." Completely unrelated to the show, they created a song entitled "I'm Sick (of this American Life)" -ENJOY the true story about a germ that went to the moon and lived, and all the confusion that caused, by listening to the song "All Alone" -EXPERIENCE TMBG at their punky punkrockiest with the new No! show tour favorite "On the Drag" -PARTAKE in the unhiding of the hidden track "Token Back to Brooklyn" -REVIEW your monetary priorities as compared to those expressed in "Dollar for Dollar" -OWN the "Theme To McSweeney's" without owning the book. -IMMERSE yourself in the witchy neo-metal cackle of "Rat Patrol" -RUN from the oppressive overlord that narrates "Reprehensible" while swaying

to the mellow town of the melotron horns.