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Latest news: TMBG on Conan Aug. 13,

TMBG featured in the New Yorker next issue, 20th Anniversary Central Park free show with People Are Wrong and Moldy Peaches opening Aug. 15

Flansburgh here! Greetings from sunny and mild Petaluma, California. The No! Show rolls towards Southern California after some exciting moments in the Pacific Northwest. We were blown away by another sold out show in Portland at the Crystal Ballroom. The theater features a "sprung" floor (originally for ballroom dancers) that served as a trampoline for the awesome crowd gathered. We have now incorporated many of the No! songs into the show (John Lee Supertaster, No!, 4 of 2, Clap your hands, Sleepwalkers, Robot Parade, Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed among others) and brought back some previously underplayed songs including "Everything Right is Wrong Again." TMBG also just performed our first "family" show at the Experience Music Project in Seattle. The kids were exceptionally well behaved (we were expecting at least some crying just from the volume but there was none) and we are proud to announce that we remembered not to swear. It was very different from a regular gig, but it was nice to meet the TMBGers-Next Generation so early in their development. Hope to see you at one of these shows (see the schedule at the bottom!) Yours in rock- Flansy

Wanted to also remind all the new email list people there is a TMBG chat room tonight at starting at 10pm. It takes a moment to get signed on the first time, but we want to encourage new folk to join in these discussions.

It's here! Idlewild Recordings are happy to announce the release of "They Got Lost," our first full length compilation of top-quality rarities. This disc is available only through TMBG's e-commerce site and at upcoming TMBG shows! This special disc draws from a wide array of sources- from ABC's Brave New World, to our McSweeney's disc, and the very best of our various EMusic efforts. It even includes the notorious "Disappointing Show," one of the most unusual spontaneous songs of our career recorded live at Columbia University. "They Got Lost" features 21 recordings and at over 45 minutes long, most of these songs have never available on disc before. We love this disc! We think you will too.

They Got Lost includes: I'm Sick (of this American life), Disappointing Show, Words Are Like, All Alone, Rest Awhile, Oranges, Truth in Your Words, On the Drag, Down to the Bottom of the Sea, I Am a Human Head, Empty Bottle Blues, They Got Lost, Reprehensible, Rat Patrol, The Army's Tired Now, Certain People I Could Name, Theme to McSweeney's, Dollar for Dollar, Mosh Momken Abadon, Token Back to Brooklyn and Oranges Testimonial.

The disc is only available at all our shows and at Idlewild will be keeping this disc in print forever (so ignore all those exploitation oriented Ebay pirates out there) but to sweeten the pot to all our long-distance email friends we are also offering the disc in two unique, super-secret dough-saving bundles: The "Lost Bundle" includes the disc and your choice of ANY t-shirt (including our many new designs and our special 20th Anniversary reissues) or the "Really Lost Bundle" which includes the "They Got Lost" disc, any t-shirt and your choice of "Mink Car" or our brand new enhanced disc "No!" Our t-shirt manufacturing has finally caught up to the insane number of orders that arrived with the release of "No!" so fulfillment should be prompt and easy. This offer will be available for most of the summer.


7/23/02 Petaluma, CA McNears Mystic Theatre TONIGHT! 7/24/02 Santa Cruz, CA Catalyst 7/25/02 San Diego, CA 4th & B 7/26/02 Los Angeles, CA John Anson Ford 7/27/02 Anaheim, CA Disney House of Blues 7/28/02 Storyopolis, LA in-store performance 7/28/02 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues 7/29/02 Phoenix, AZ The Cajun House 8/1/02 St Louis, MO The Pageant 8/2/02 Chicago, IL Navy Pier 8/3/02 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue (over 21- lots of swearing!) 8/4/02 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue (all ages!) 8/6/02 Pittsburgh, PA Metropol 8/13/02 Conan O'Brien 8/14/02 Dewey Beach, DE Bottle and Cork 8/15/02 Summerstage, Central Park 8/16/02 Ortly Beach, NJ Surf Club 8/17/02 Boston TBA 8/21/02 Harrisburg, PA Whitaker Center 8/22/02 Buffalo, NY Buffalo Place

8/23/02 Toronto, ON Lee's Palace (2 shows)