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There will be a screening of Gigantic tomorrow in Los Angeles! You are cordially invited to the American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd, Tuesday July 9 at 7:30. Flansburgh and director AJ Schnack will be in attendance to answer all your Gigantic questions. For ticket information, call 323-466-film.


For all of y'all who can't make it to the screening- you are invited to a chat group forming on Tuesday nights at We were thinking 10pm EST would be a fine time. Of course there are a few other established TMBG chats, but given the number of new people to the TMBG scene, we wanted to invite you to get together and discuss the topics of the day.


Hey everyone- Flansburgh here.

Just got back from a fine, fun jaunt on the East Coast. Performed our Nashville show in the middle of a rainstorm. Our fears of public electrocution rose as we rocked the soaking wet stage but we salute the amazing Nashville crowd who showed up and weren't going to let a little, or even a lot of, rain spoil their party buzz.

The weather cleared by Atlanta, but we ran into a different kind of problem: feuding promoters. A local competing promoter (who will go nameless, but is aligned with probably the only national promotions chain you might know ) was being a big spoiler- "cross-booking" free shows in the public space a few directly across from the festival site all season in an overt effort to rub out our less corporate production co. that presents the "On The Bricks" summer festival each year. We found ourselves a few thousand feet from another stage, playing at the exact same time as Popa Roach. This absurd scenario was not an accident in long-term planning, but a planned conflict created eight days before our event by a very evil dude. Fortunately Popa Roach weren't as loud as we feared, and unfortunately for them, we weren't as quiet as they assumed. I got word of a frightening but slightly comic story- evidently their lead singer wound up yarfing on himself midsong, which sent a silent shockwave through what had to be a deeply disturbed crowd. Possibly because of this incident, their show ended a little early, which allowed us to play a few quiet songs without the intrusive echoes of our unintended competition.

The topper was the DC show, which had no outside problems and a glorious turnout of many, many thousands of TMBG fans. We played a few new songs from "No!" (getting ready for July's No! Show). John and I were joined by Danny W. on "Violin" which went down surprisingly well considering what an odd track it is to perform in a large festival setting.

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