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Hey everyone! John F. of TMBG here.

NEW SITE! If you have not checked in with you don't know what you're missing, and we want to
encourage you to turn your younger, small friends to the site.

MORE SHOWS! For information on upcoming TMBG shows in Massachusetts,
Nashville TN, Atlanta GA, and Washington DC, go to

MORE SONGS! Dial-A-Song is rockin' with new tracks. Today we are featuring a
track of the upcoming "No!" album (in stores June 11) called "The House At
The Top Of The Tree." Other new upcoming songs in the next few days will
include "Memoirs of an Amnesiac," "To The Bubblecraft," "Titanic Fog" and
another number from "No!" sung by our bassist Danny "Pops" Weinkauf called
"Where Do They Make Balloons?"

Just call Dial-A-Song at 718-387-6962. No modem needed! Its online brother,, is about to go
under major revision. If you want to check it out while it's tired and weak,
do it now!

MUSICAL THEATER! I am also proud to announce that a work-in-progress
performance of a musical I am producing called "People Are Wrong!" is being
staged at the prestigious yet tiny Joe's Pub, through the Joseph Papp's
Public Theater. The big show is on May 7, and includes a performance by me as
one of the homeowners, and Linnell is in the pit band on sax and accordion
with the kind folks of the Loser's Lounge. We hope you can order your tickets
right away, because seats are limited. (Details about show time, place and
prices are below) Here's the official blurb....

What IS People Are Wrong, some might ask?...

People Are Wrong! is a brand new original musical. In the grand tradition of
early 70's rock concept musicals (Hair, Tommy), People Are Wrong! is a manic
and joyful celebration of melody and musical fable. Produced by recent GRAMMY
winner and one half of They Might Be Giants, John Flansburgh, starring the
brilliant downtown chanteur David Driver (Driver Quartet, Rent, Fire at
Keaton's Bar & Grill), People Are Wrong! introduces the song-writing talents
of Julia Greenberg and Robin Goldwasser to the musical stage. Joining forces
with Joe McGinty and many of the players in the Loser's Lounge band, People
Are Wrong! is the first original production to come out of this highly
creative team.

Tickets available at or at 212-239-6200.

People Are Wrong! May 7, 9:30

425 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10003 (between Astor Place & East 4th

You can also get tickets at Joe's Pub Box Office Monday: 1PM - 6PM Tuesday -
Saturday: 1PM - 7:30PM

Here's an invitation to an upcoming screening in NYC from my pal and director
of "Gigantic" AJ Schnack. There will be more info to come next week:

Hey everyone,

Sorry it has taken a while to give you the info about the upcoming NY
screening. We have been securing a location and discussing the best way to
coordinate our needs as well as figure out a way for some of the fans to be
able to attend.

First off, this will be a private screening. We needed to have a screening
in NY because many of the distributors who have expressed interest in the
film are based in NYC. In addition, many of the people who are in the film
live in NY, as well as most of the Giants' extended business & social family.
All of these people have been itching to see the film and we knew that any
NYC screening would certainly include them.

I also felt that the fans, who have been so helpful throughout this process,
should have an opportunity to attend. But we didn't know how to work this
exactly. At first we thought about tickets - having fans buy them online.
But then we realized that we may not know until the day of the screening how
many seats would be available to the fans.

So, here's the skinny. After all the folks who we need to have see the film
are seated, we will be letting fans in to fill remaining seats on a first
come, first serve basis. The theater that we are screening in is only 300
seats, so you can imagine that probably not all the fans will be able to get
in. That's the bad news. The good news is that we're not going to charge
anything for tickets. The semi-good news is that even if you don't get in,
you still will have an opportunity to attend the public NYC premiere later
this year.

Now for the details: we will be screening on May 2 (next Thursday) at 5 PM
in Manhattan. The location will be announced at the beginning of next week,
with additional details.

And for those of you not in NYC, there are at least 3 upcoming screenings of
the film in other areas of the country during May and June. These events w
ill be announced in the two to three weeks.

Thanks again for all you have done to make the film a success and stay tuned
for more information next week.

AJ Schnack
director of Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns)

Flansburgh back again. To check out a rather extensive interview I did for a
cover story in the fine counter-culture journal Pop Culture Press check out
this link: