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Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that They Might Be Giants switched over to using to power their newsletter in February 2018 (having previously used Topspin). From the first newsletter sent via Mailchimp:

And we leave you now with a word about our new email provider MailChimp. We want to thank them for being so responsive and helpful getting all of our lists shuttled over to their system. In spite of a ton of fretting, it has gone flawlessly and the delivery times have been cut down to a fraction of our old provider. We like the name. We like chimps. We’re happy to be aboard. If you need to bump up to a real email system for yourself or your business, we say go chimp.

Soon after, TMBG began writing limericks about the service to express their satisfaction with it, and included them at the end of emails.

In February 2020, they compiled all of the limericks up to that point in a Tumblr post.

February 1, 2019[edit]

There once was a chimp who did mail With a keen eye on every detail So easy to program Hell, pronouns be damned This organization won’t fail

May 30, 2019[edit]

There is no cage that can hold them And as they roam 'cross the stage, we told some "We all want to glimpse a whole band of chimps applying their rage to the bass drum"

July 11, 2019[edit]


September 27, 2019[edit]

MailChimp can help you steer clear Make the complex suddenly clear Chaos is stressing Organization’s a blessing The ape can process your fear

October 3, 2019[edit]

I once met an ape in a sweater Who told me I'd soon be a debtor "Forgo all the scrimps And get with the chimp They’re not just faster. They're better"

October 31, 2019[edit]

You've been tasked with a main and side hustle With both, it can feel like a tussle But when odd jobs bring pain What will help you keep sane? Oh, it is MailChimps' practical muscle

November 28, 2019[edit]

Living large with the chimp You're in charge with the chimp No delays easy days Mailchimp mailchimp mailchimp

December 9, 2019[edit]

There still is a band called THEY MIGHT BE Who had troubles although they were brightly Then the chimp got their mail Once again THEY are hale And that is to put it politely

October 20, 2020[edit]

There are all kinds of chores and hustles There are even self-employment puzzles but when side deals turn main what will keep your scene sane is MailChimp's practical muscle

March 26, 2021[edit]

Some wondered if we would retire From limerick praise so dire But who cares for abstinence? Our resolve remains fathomless As MailChimp solves all that's required

November 22, 2021[edit]

Our guts were filled with Mylanta 'Til we found a chimp from Atlanta With our woes out of the way It's like it's Christmas each day And we get to be the Santa

March 10, 2022[edit]

Chaos has many effects It's bad in many respects Email list beneath us Mail Chimp will redeem us Make simple what once was complex