Lyrics:Wait Actually Yeah No

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Wait Actually Yeah No
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2021

On a south sea island— Wait, actually, yeah, no In the doctor's waiting room downtown— No, never mind On a highway exit ramp In a big department store Wait, um, yeah, no

World War I, the Western Front Place you went on business once— Yes, but not that

Twenty-car collision— Wait, actually, yeah, no Someone you don't know staring at you— No, never mind Pair of white magician gloves Camels in a caravan— Wait, um, yeah, no

Thing you haven't tried before Misremembered anecdote— Yes, but not that

Self-enclosing whale Artificial pain Marijuana egg Swimming tambourine Frozen human rug Secret wolverine Odorless guitar chord

Wouldn't it be good if— Wait, actually, yeah, no What about—okay, like, a thing like— No, never mind Wait a second, hear me out Picture this: imagine if— Wait, um, yeah, no

Open up your mind to this Close your eyes, consider it— Yes, but not that