Lyrics:Violin (The Spine Hits The Road)

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Violin (The Spine Hits The Road)
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2004

JF: "We're gonna do this next song - this next song needs no lead guitar, it needs no flashy New York City drummer, ladies and gentlemen. Because we have the audience of Stubbs in front of us, ladies and gentlemen. And that's all -" JL: "We are gonna - Troy, we are gonna need the house lights on for this one." JF: "That's all the emotional fuel we're gonna need. Ladies and gentlemen -" JL: "If we could – if we could have the house lights on, please." JF: "He knows where the house lights are." JL: "No, I mean the real house lights. I mean, the daylight." JF: "Bring back the s- We're gonna wait here till the sun comes back, ladies and gentlemen. We don't need no goldfish bowl jam band to bring on the dawn. We're gonna do it ourselves. So this is how it works, ladies and gentlemen. You've probably heard about sporting events where they do the wave. This is just like that, except there's no, like, scary guy sittin' next to you. So this is how it works. John starts the wave, he throws it to me and Danny, we throw it to the front row, it goes to the back, you gotta make this sound: 'Woah!' And that's how it goes. Okay, this is your rehearsal. We're gonna do this in the actual song, which is very. very quiet. And there will be time to forget between now and the song that the wave is actually gonna happen. So, remember, keep your focus. Alright." JL: "Alright. Here's the rehearsal. This will help us remember. Woah!" JF: "Woah! All the way to the back, all the way to the very very back, and hold it in the very back, hold it, hold it, and then hold it, keep it - hold it up, hold it - and throw it back forward!" JL: "Oh man." JF: "...oh man oh man oh man woah!" JL: "This is gonna be a good one." JF: "You know, when the wave gets so far away that you can't hear it anymore, that is excellent." JL: "Also, you guys in the back couldn't see this, but the tide actually pulled the front row away, so there was exposed beach for just a moment." JF: "There was, like, skulls and stuff." JL: "There were some fish skeletons from the band's, the band fish, their skeletons..." JF: "But, the thing I don't understand -" JL: "...were there, exposed, on the seabed." JF: "The thing I don't understand is that if we can't hear them screaming in the back, how can they even hear the rock music that we're doing? How can they hear the explicit instructions we're giving them? Okay, so - so, is that - is that the extent of the house lights that's available to us? That's it? Okay?" JL: "It's good." JF: "Well, listen, spotlight guys, can you just - for just one brief moment, can the spotlight guys point the spotlights at each other? Just so we can see them? Okay? We got one beard, we got - no, don't hide, man, don't hide. Okay, we'll leave - you'll leave -" JL: "Now you know how it feels." JF: "You leave those spotlights on each other for the duration of this song until we get to the wave and then point it to the very back, to the very back people in the bery back row. Hey, how's it goin' in the back row there, guys!? Bet you're gonna get to the show a little bit earlier next time." JL: "On the other hand, you're gonna be the first one to your car." JF: "Yeah. Or do you have those, uh, jazz cigarettes?" Audience member: "What?" JF: "What? Okay, here we go, this song is, uh, is called 'Violin'. It features you, the audience of Austin, Texas, ladies and gentlmen. Here we go." JL: "The skeletons of the guys and fish. I swear to God. Here we go."

Violin-lin-lin Violin-lin-lin Violin-lin-lin Ohhh

Violin-lin-lin Violin-lin-lin Violin-lin-lin Ohhhh

Hippo Hippo Hippo Hippo Hippo Hippo Hippo

Mop Mop Mop Mop mop mop Mop mop mop mop Mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop Mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop mop

Speck of dust, dust, dust Speck of dust, dust, dust Speck of dust, dust, dust Ohhh

Speck of dust, dust, dust Speck of dust, dust, dust Speck of dust, dust, dust Ahhh

One quarter of George Washington's head Half of George Washington's head Three quarters of George Washington's head All of George Washington's head

JL: "Woah!" JF: "Woah! All the way to the back! And hold it, hold it, linger, feel the vibes - throw it back! Woah!"

Violin-lin-lin Violin-lin-lin Violin-lin-lin Ohhh

Violin-lin-lin Violin-lin-lin Violin-lin-lin Ohhh

JF: "That was incredible!" JL: "My God!" JF: "You guys really know how to do that!" JL: "I gotta say, we, we make patronizing, uh, complimentary remarks for audiences who do the wave, like, a little better than we expected, you know, so we're like 'Really great, guys! No, I think it was really good!' Then I feel bad, because you guys -" JF: "Because we two are powerful."

JL: "- 'cause you guys actually did a fantastic job on the wave. And I just want to say, thank you. Thank you for setting the bar where it belongs."