Lyrics:Vanderbilt Spin-The-Dial

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Vanderbilt Spin-The-Dial
By: They Might Be Giants

Rock rock rock Rock rock rock Rock music Rock music

JL: You know, it’s, it’s actually not inconvenient that this part of the show is dragging so badly because they uh, apparently they need to change tapes on the uh, and we’re gonna use this moment to change tapes.... on the webcast thing, and that’s why this part of the show won’t be on the webcast! Yeah!

JF: Just, just one of the reasons it won’t be in the webcast. We’ve done that five times. It’s worked three times. When it gets to 50-50-

JL: It’s out!

JF: So what’s next on the- we’re getting down to the.... we’re actually-

JL: We’re actually in the S’s right now.

JF: But not a moment too soon after that- they’ll make us bring the radio back.