Lyrics:The Lady And The Tiger

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The Lady And The Tiger
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2011

The lady said to the tiger As they stood behind some doors "I'm sick of this job I don't know what we're waiting here fors I'm turning off life support I'm putting an end to this joke" The tiger thought about this And then the tiger spoke

"Starving the beast, at the very least Will just increase its hunger Go right ahead and starve me dead It will only make me stronger"

The lady said "I'm bustin' out of this prison I got laser vision And I'm burning a hole in the wall" The tiger said, "Wait You'll start a fire Destroy the entire Lady and the tiger hall

"Felines and dames in flames Will hardly serve your aims Do you surmise it's wise To have laser beams emitting from your eyes?"

"Point taken, cat, I can well see that Our lives are worth protecting But I submit it's time we quit This hoping and expecting

"Felines and dames in flames Will hardly serve my aims But in my dreams, it seems That my eyes are always shooting laser beams"

The hall remains It still contains A pair of doors, a choice Behind one door, a muffled roar Behind the other, a voice