Lyrics:The Edison Museum

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The Edison Museum
By: They Might Be Giants & Brian Dewan
Year: 1991

The Edison Museum, not open to the public Its haunted towers rise into the clouds above it Folks drive in from out of town To gaze in amazement when they see it

Just outside the gate I look into the courtyard Underneath the gathering thunderstorm Through the iron bars, I see the Black Maria Revolving slowly on its platform In the topmost tower, a light burns dim A coiling filament glowing within

The Edison Museum, once a bustling factory Today is but a darkened, cobweb covered hive of industry The tallest, widest and most famous haunted mansion in New Jersey

Behind a wooden door, the voice of Thomas Alva Recites a poem on a phonograph Ghosts float up the stair, like silent moving pictures The loyal phantoms of his in-house staff A wondrous place it is, there can be no doubt But no one ever goes in, and no one ever goes out

So when your children quarrel and nothing seems to quell them Just tell them that you'll take them to the Edison Museum The largest independently owned and operated mausoleum