Lyrics:Spin The Country Dial

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Spin The Country Dial
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2001

[Radio broadcasts in quotation marks. Everything outside quotation marks spoken or sung by Mr. John Flansburgh.]

This is just the radio in this town. We don't know what radio's like in this town. We know it sucks in New York City. We can only guess it sucks here.

"...tired of dreaming in this sleepy town..."

If you don't like country music you can kiss my ass Kiss my ass

"...we had to prepare and, uh..." "...coming up we'll do a request, uh from Michael Bolton. Also some Chicago coming your way on the..."

I think we should wait for that.

"...Casey? Anybody there?..." " heart has become the safest place for us to run..."

??? breeze through my hair If you don't feel the same way I don't care It's the things that you do that drive me insane I'm highly medicated and I'll never be the same My brain is like a husk you could drive a truck through If you don't like country music, fuck you

"...ahead, bearing a..."

Spin the Dial's the song Spin the Dial's the song It's the part of the show that doesn't work Let's see if we'll find another song

"...tender, somewhere beyond the blue..."

There's a raft filled with people Who will never find their way across the sea

"...I'm wishing..."

"...touch me baby..."