Lyrics:Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Smells Like Teen Spirit
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 1992

Linnell: Hold on, we have to hang up the phone [laughs]. DJ: Uh, this is KROQ, do you have a request for They Might be Giants? Caller: Yeah. DJ: Okay, what is it? Caller: I wanna hear them do "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Linnell: Smells Like Teen Spirit, okay, okay. DJ: Oh. Flans: You wanna stay on the phone, and listen, or you wanna hang up? Linnell: You wanna do the harmony part? Caller: I'll... I'll go with the no. Flans: Okay, okay, bye. Flans: So we start with the quiet part or go right into scr... DJ: I think the quiet part. Linnell: I think the quiet part, 'cause that way we can try and remember how the, uh, loud part goes. Flans: That other part was loud getting there. Linnell: Okay John's putting the guitar down... Flans: It's all you. Linnell:...which means I am now shouldered with playing the chords on the accordion. [background laughing] Linnell: [playing verse riff] Alright, I remember that part [background laughs]

[Here, Flansburgh energetically sings the melody in his "backwards talking voice," without actual words.]

Linnell: I wish you could see the color of John's face right now. Some woman: It's tomato-esque! Linnell: It's a... different color... Flans: I'm... flush with the excitement.