Lyrics:Reckless Mind

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Reckless Mind
By: The Mundanes
Year: 1980

You let your mouth go darling It was all along, far too long! Thought about what you did and what you did was wrong

Some say the truckers live to watch the duelers die Sometimes I get so restless, waiting for the end of the line And you say go take your things out of the closet now baby Separate the things and the letters we shared Who would that you'd be a victim in time?

My reckless mind Mind My reckless mind

My, how the time flew darling Just keeps ticking on, ticking on Thought about what you said and what you said was wrong

I know we're changing baby, changing every day And it must be hard on you, my being this way

You know they say You can't pick up the pieces But I know you can I love to pick them up again and again I followed my thought thru: where is my weeping in time?

My reckless mind Mind My reckless mind