Lyrics:Paper Hat

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Paper Hat
By: Will Rigby
Year: 1996

He wore a paper hat Worked in the deep fat Fryer Drove a TR7 Straight up to heaven Or was he just tired? How did he get there? He was in deep despair Nightly It was so unfair Paper hat held his hair Tightly

He wore a paper hat Two-corner paper hat It was a family thing This fast food dining

It was a shame to cook meat It wasn't something he's eat It was a sore spot He liked women not There was no golf and tennis There was nothing in his Free time It was like ??? He ?????

He wore a paper hat (Hey where you been man?) There was no harm in that (He really started something) It was a question of pride (Don't talk about it) Did a paper hat drive him to suicide?

He wore a paper hat

He had a paper hat (Really meant a lot) Two-corner paper hat (To a few of us) Pathetic, kind of a cat(?) With a paper hat (That's what you tell yourself But that wont get you back again) (You're in the ??? now) He wore a paper hat