Lyrics:Open Space

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Open Space
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2001

JL: So um--

JF: How you folks doin'?

JL: How's it goin'? Hey, that's what I was gonna say! How are you doing? I'm, uh, I'm sittin...sittin down tonight 'cause I'm experimenting with...with being an old man. It's new thing.

JF: Hey, um, we're um, we're trying some different staging where we're trying to make Linnell and I as far apart as possible so we could do sorta like match thing with the audience and like check you guys out doing *thoom*

JL: Yeah

JF: *thoom*...It's's just for us.

JL: Right

JF: No compromises, man. Forget about the audience. You're not even here. I don't even know why we came here. I don't even know where we are. So um.....alright. What, uh, what are we gonna rehearse next?

JL: Well this, this song um...we we we play this in in um...Maryland a couple nights ago and-

JF: Boy did it sound-

JL: -it was so amazing how bad it was. Um, but, just in a couple nights we've we've completely just's just taken wings and now it's as a special treat for the Raleigh audience, we're gonna play it without any mistakes.

(Audience cheers)

JF: And if you've got any friends in Baltimore if you can call them after the show and tell them about it. But um, but maybe we're building it up too much, John. You've got the flu, and-

JL: Yeah

JF:...I've been drinking. So, uh, who knows what could happen?

JL: That's right

JF: So this is kinda...a little bit of a musical experiment.

JL: Right.

JF: Let's see what happens.

JL: Starts on a G chord.

JF: That's right. If you're playing in the audience, it starts with a G chord. Here we go.